3Space Art’s Pool Introduces a Loyalty Program for Both Creators and Collectors to Showcase NFTs Offline

Over the past few years, non-fungible tokens have seen a strong increase in demand. This year’s growth was even more dramatic. NFT was named the “Word of the year” by Collins Dictionary in 2021 after it broke out of its niche.

Digital artwork is becoming more popular and attracting new artists to the fold. The NFT market isn’t without its challenges, however, since the digital art market is mainly restricted to online communities.

The Bridge to the Real World

NFTs are no longer limited to JPEGs in digital space. 3Space Art allows NFT owners the freedom to display them in their homes, offices and at exhibitions and galleries offline.

NFTs can be used to identify art with the artist and collector, so that commercial proceeds and credentials related to distribution, reproduction, performance or derivative work are entitled the NFT holder/creator.

It acts as a bridge between digital art and NFTs. 3space Art makes it possible by finding the right channels and organizing exhibitions and events.

Gallery and exhibitions offline attract a larger audience, even those not as well-versed in crypto and NFT.

Customers can also buy NFTs with credit cards or fiat currencies through 3Space Art. Customers can also scan the QR code to purchase digital art online and have it displayed in their homes or offices.

3Space Art recently launched the NFT platform, which allows digital art to be used in real life by placing it in physical spaces. This platform allows both collectors and artists to display their collections at both online and offline exhibitions and events. This allows users to “experience the change” and enjoy digital art in their everyday lives.

NFT Marketplace allows artwork owners and artists to sell digital art to a select collector base using fiat currency or cryptocurrency assets. 3Space Art also assists emerging artists in NFT marketing and minting.

3Space Art is a multi-chain platform that allows users to mint NFTs using the most popular Ethereum as well as Klaytn Blockchains.

3Space Art offers an Art Pool to its artists and collectors, in addition to a NFT marketplace. This smart contract pool allows creators and collectors to deposit their NFTs. The company then has the right to display the artwork at both online and offline events.

The platform works with corporate offices and galleries to transfer digital art from its Art Pool into the NFT display frames in real locations. This is a monthly subscription.

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