Adobe’s Behance Adds Solana NFT Capability Via Phantom Wallet  

Behance will offer users of the Solana Blockchain the opportunity to display their NFTs today by connecting to their Phantom Wallets to Behance.

Behance is a strong force in the creative industry. Adobe’s social media platform, which has over 10 million users, allows creative artists to show their work, find new projects, and allow others to discover their creative work. Behance is a digital artist and showcases some of the most interesting and creative NFTs pieces, which were created on Solana.

Although Ethereum is the most trusted network to mint NFTs, the benefits of Solana are obvious. Solana, a Proof of Stake blockchain, is well-known for being one of most efficient and energy-efficient. Solana transactions are as efficient as a Google search and require no transaction fees.

Behance showcases Ethereum-based NFTs but it also emphasizes the importance of transacting on energy-friendly chains and minting them. Behance says that it is easy for creatives to create a store and mint a 1/1 Solana on Holaplex.

Will Allen, VP Product, mentioned that there are other options. He said, in his Twitter thread: “For those more technical inclined, @metaplex gives your full technical control and @solana NFT markets like @MagicEden_NFT or @formfunction feature many artists, creatives, and @metaplex allows you to have complete technical control.”

Behance also spoke of their close collaboration with QuickNode who helped build the Solana compatible integration function on the platform. QuickNode is a Web3 development haven that specializes in building high-scalable, API-compatible applications. It offers simple development with a console that allows users to run Testnet and Mainnet using their API. This API is compatible across Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin, Optimism and Fantom as well as Celo, Celo and Terra.

Protecting creators’ ownership

Behance also focuses heavily on protecting NFT ownership from being stolen or copied. This is done by allowing creators or owners to add tamper evident artwork provenance to your Photoshop images. Behance is a popular publishing platform. To retain credit for their artwork, the creator can add their Solana address in the PS Content Credentials tool. Behance is working on more, including additional showcasing options across multiple chain and notification to creators in case of theft. Keep an eye out for more information.

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