Adobe’s Behance Onboarding Tezos, Solana , and Other Blockchains to Support NFTs  

Behance, the largest creative network, is joining the non-fungible token (NFTs), bandwagon just like everyone else.

Adobe’s social media platform, Adobe Social Media Platform, announced this week that they are joining the NFT scene and allowing creators to show their work to the public on its platform.

Behance has partnered with several blockchains, including Tezos (XTZ), to make this possible. Through partnerships with Red Bull, Art Basel and many others, the open-source, scalable network has been exploring deeper into NFT.

McLaren Racing launched the most recent NFT collection, “McLaren Racing Collective”, on top of Tezos blockchain. This was to engage Formula 1’s estimated 87 million fans.

Multiple blockchain support

Behance has seen more than 160,000,000 visitors to its artwork showcase over the past year. This number is more than 2.25 billion.

This is a very active community so it makes sense for the company to add several new features, particularly NFTs, which have taken the internet by storm this year.

Behance has added a tab to the user profile that will showcase NFTs. Users will need to connect their cryptocurrency wallet to get their NFTs added to their Behance profile. Behance users will be able to show NFTs within a project.

The team stated that they are working hard to include blockchains such as Polygon, Solana and Flow.

Digital content protection

Behance has also launched the Content Authenticity Initiative to protect artists from being copied by unsavory actors. This open-source standard allows users and artists to link their social media accounts and crypto wallet addresses to the work they create, which assures them that their content is original.

Adobe’s new feature makes it simple to verify and protect metadata from digital content created using its Creative Cloud solutions, including Photoshop, Stock and Behance, including NFTs.

It is collaborating with several NFT markets, including SuperRare and Rarible.

It stated that “We are incredibly determined to make sure you get credit” for your work.

It is also opening creator subscriptions for all paid Creative Cloud members on Behance, so creators can start monetizing and creatives can get hired directly from the profile page.

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