All You Need Is NFT: The Beatles Get The NFT Treatment

The auction will include audio interviews with the four Beatles legends.

Beatles NFTs Dropping on Ethereum

NFT drops are coming from Voices of Classic Rock (VOCR). They will be minted using Ethereum with bids starting at 1.25 ETH (around 4000). Due to the rarity of the NFTs, and the high-status of The Beatles, there will likely be a bidding war. This will increase their value. The entire collection will include four NFTs that are dedicated to each Beatle: John Lennon (Paul McCartney), George Harrison (George Harrison), and Ringo Starr (NFTs).

Each NFT will include an audio clip from a rare interview with each member and his portrait. John Lennon’s interview about the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band song “A Day in the Life” is featured on the John Lennon NFT. Ringo Starr’s interview appears on “His Lost Medallion.”

Rare Audio Archive Acquired

The VOCR team claims that they obtained the audio files from Kathleen Wittbold’s programming archive. Over three decades of her tenure as an interviewer at MTV, she was an avid collector and creator of rare audio files.

Jonathan Firstenberg, MD of VOCR, spoke about the audio acquisition.

“The owners of VOCR purchased this amazing archive from Kathleen Wittbold, its creator, because they knew there would be continued growth in the audio content value for everything related to classic rock music.”

VOCR MD Supports NFT

Firstenberg explained the reasons for launching the archive files as NFTs. He stated that there is a growing market for NFTs with rare and original content. Firstenberg confirmed that the NFT was a brand new media platform that can be used to market audio interviews.

We are positive that NFTs will be a viable medium for communication and are eager to see how they evolve. We will be studying the market’s determination of which rights to property must be embedded within NFTs to give it real intrinsic value.

Firstenberg expressed his appreciation to Ben Kopec, founder of OnChain Music, for helping to integrate the technology that brought the NFT auction open to the public.

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