Animoca Brands-backed NFT Game Warena Partners With Illuvium For Cross-Metaverse Compatibility

The Animoca Brands-backed Warena Project has announced a partnership to the Illuvium Project in order to achieve cross-metaverse compatibleity through a 2-phased approach. This partnership will enable cross-chain compatibility between gaming platforms.

New players will be able to start building the necessary resources to purchase their first NFTs in-game under the first phase. Warena promises Phase 1 will be more user-oriented and pay more attention to personalization.

Cross-game integration is the second phase. This allows players to move their characters from other games into Warena and expands gameplay possibilities. In-game NFTs in games are currently limited to their metaverses. This limits gameplay variety. Cross-platform compatibility means digital items that were collected on one platform will be available to other players. Cross-platform compatibility will allow for economies of scale and network effects. NFT value will rise, without being restricted by real-world rules. NFT-based gaming assets can be teleported across connected gaming ecosystems using interoperable blockchains. This will unlock their full potential. Warena allows players to create unique characters and interact across different universes in a variety combat games. There are many warriors available in the internal marketplace, each with their own unique characteristics. In-game rewards can be earned in NFT format. Players can sell or buy assets and earn money for contributing to the games ecosystem. The latest round of funding saw the project raise over $1.5million. This was witnessed by Genesis Builders (DAOMaker), Momentum 6, Master Ventures (Animoca), Clovers Ventures (and others).

Illuvium, which raised over $5 million in the round led by Animoca Brands, is a decentralized ecosystem based on a vast open-world full of NFT collectibles that feature “four-dimensional-shading holographic” NFT designs. Players interact with Illuvials, magical creatures that can be captured by the players and given powers as they move up the level-up tree. You can make an income selling your creatures on an exchange for ETH. Illuvium will soon launch a DAO that will facilitate community governance and make the game a self-sustaining platform. The $50 million round of funding for Recur NFT-focused startup was closed in October. It received a $333 million valuation. This round was backed by Steve Cohens family. Sky Mavis, a Play to-Earn NFT platform, raised $152million at a valuation of nearly $3 billion.

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