Animoca To Launch NFT Metaverse For K-Pop Fans

Blockchain gaming unicorn Animoca Brands announced plans to work with Korean record label Cube Entertainment in order to create a “Kpop Metaverse.”

K-Pop fans rejoice

Animoca Brands has been betting heavily on the NFT metaverse since a while. With the announcement of their partnership on November 15, the blockchain gaming company increased its passion for non-fungible tokens. According to the statement, Animoca and Cube Entertainment will collaborate to create the K-Pop metaverse. The metaverse’s NFTs will be inspired by K-pop stars and actors from Cube Entertainment’s list of entertainers and celebrities. The metaverse will feature artist portraits, album art, and full-length albums as visual or audial NFTs.

Yat Siu (co-founder and executive chair of Animoca Brands) spoke out about the potential for the metaverse.

“K-pop is taking over the world, and we at Animoca Brands can’t wait for Cube Ent to join our efforts to make open metaverse a reality.”

Entertainment Partner – Cube

Cube Entertainment, a Korean entertainment company, is known for its multifunctionality as a record label and talent agency. It also produces music. It manages approximately 50 K-pop artists including 4MINUTE and BEAST, G.NA. BTOB, PENTAGON. CLC, (G.I-DLE), and LIGHTSUM.

Ahn Woo Hyung (CEO of Cube Ent) commented on the partnership.

“We are thrilled to work with Animoca Brands in creating NFTs and an ecosystem that includes Cube Ent’s IPs music, images and more. This will be a significant step towards advancing digital content and leading the global digital cultural market.

NFTs and The Metaverse

Since the rebranding of Facebook as Meta, Animoca Brands have been searching for opportunities to expand its reach into the metaverse. Evan Auyang, president of Animoca, stated that the company is seeking funding for the next round to support its participation in the metaverse market.

The crypto market, particularly NFTs is growing and evolving. The K-pop metaverse was not created by Animoca, but it is the latest attempt to combine NFTs and the music industry. Universal Music, a global music label, announced last week that they would launch Kingship, a new band whose members will all be characters from Bored Ape Yacht Club. According to reports, each member of the band will have their own sound and personality. The band will also release original music tracks just like regular bands.

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