APENFT Auctions Five Vanity Fair NFT Covers

Singapore, Singapore, 11th June, 2022, Chainwire

All four NFTs were sold at unbelievable hammer prices.

  • Speak the Words that I Can’t Say: 310,000 WTRX (25,420).
  • The Plum Thief: 310,000 WTRX (25,420).
  • Ludwig: 322,888 WTRX (26,476)
  • Ratty Portrait: 299.999 WTRX (24,599)

The fifth cover features Exclusive Edition H.E. Justin Sun was available for purchase at a fixed price, 999 TRX or approximately $80. The NFT was called “H.E. Valuart created Justin Sun 2022 to honor the entrepreneur’s extraordinary year. The artwork consists of stylized portraits depicting H.E. Justin Sun is a symbol of the cryptocurrency movement that revolutionized the art and entertainment industry. The NFT, which is community-oriented, will be made available in a larger number and will become a valuable collectible within the APENFT ecosystem.

The H.E. Justin Sun Exclusive NFT Cover is still available to purchase. Vanity Fair NFT Cover dedicated for H.E. Justin Sun, 2021.

The covers for Say The Words that I Can’t Say and The Plum Thief, Ludwig and Ratty Portrait were designed by four talented artists. They were carefully selected by Valuart to support digital art.

Valuart carefully curated the collection to find artists who genuinely represent the growing crypto-art movement. Vanity Fair worked closely with Valuart to give the artworks a prominent place on the iconic digital Cover of the Magazine.

The Isolationist created Say the Words that I Can’t Speak. It represents art’s ability to communicate what can’t be expressed in words. Coup of Grace created The Plum Thief as a visual tour of an absurd yet ordinary scene in a coffee shop. Ludwig is Von Doyl’s artwork. It’s an experimentation with 30 deep neural networks. This reimagines Beethoven’s famous portrait, in an effort to capture the essence and beauty of Beethoven’s music. Ratty Portrait is Matteo Ingrao’s unique exploration of how to reinvent the physical characteristics of the body in order to attain self-acceptance.

“Valuart x Vanity Fair – You Say the Words that I Can’t Say” & “Valuart x Vanity Fair — The Plum Thief”.

“Valuart x Vanity Fair – Ratty Portrait” & Valuart x Vanity Fair – Ludwig

APENFT offers several benefits to final biders of the four 1:1 NFTs.

(1) Vanity Fair annual subscription and physical magazine;

(2) A regular edition from APENFT of the Genesis NFT badge

(3) TRX token airdrops;

(4) Invitation to all APENFT VIP events and exhibitions in 2022.


APENFT was officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021. It is backed by TRON blockchain technology and BitTorrent File System (BTFS), the largest distributed storage system. APENFT’s mission is to support the creator economy and promote financial and cultural inclusion in this metaverse. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate the virtual and real worlds. APENFT Foundation is the first NFT-art foundation to make crossover purchases. We seek to promote inclusion and diversity, increase our multimedia audience, expand our membership, and bridge the conversation between stakeholders from the traditional and digital art worlds. Our collection will be available to the community in the future through a series curated online exhibitions.


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