Art and Ecology Meet at International Contemporary Art Fair, With House Guerlain’s “Green” NFT Collection

Guerlain is a brand synonymous with beauty and aesthetics. Four unique NFTs have been released on the Tezos blockchain. This one-of-a kind collection, called “When matter becomes Art”, will be displayed at the International Contemporary Art Fair (Paris).

Art is when matter becomes art

The collection is a look-through into the world materiality in art. It features works by Constance Valero, Lauren Moffatt and Sabrina Ratte. Yann Arthus Bergerds GoodPlanet Foundation will receive all proceeds. This NGO, which was founded in 2005, supports sustainable development and ecology around the world.

Maison Guerlain will be appearing at the FIAC for the 14th time. This event, which began in 1974, bridges contemporary and modern art. This event showcases works in painting, sculpture and photography as well as installations, videos, performances, digital arts, and other media. Around 200 artists exhibit in the galleries, which showcase the work of contemporary masters and the most recent digital trends.

Growth, Life, and Decay

Liu Bolins Guerlain piece will challenge the nature of image, life, and reality in the Last Warrior. Lauren Moffatt will take us through the natural cycle between growth and decay with her work. Sabrina Rattes piece simulates ecosystems based upon the fusion technology with organic matter, and Constance Valero explores organic life in De Nectar et dAmbroisie.

Tezos is a blockchain that is well-known for its energy efficiency. The NFTs were created on Tezos. Tezos, unlike Ethereums Proof of Work model and Bitcoin, is built entirely on the Proof of Stake consensus. This model is well-known for its low impact on the environment and green energy consumption.

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