Azuki in Trouble as Official Twitter Account Hacked

Scammers have hacked into Azuki’s Twitter account, a popular NFT project. The scammers demanded that followers click a link promising a penny, as they did with other high-profile attacks. The scammers tricked people into clicking the link and stealing their assets and wallets. This resulted in over $750,000 of $USDC, 11 NFTs and almost 4 ETH stolen from unsuspecting victims.

Information about the Attack

NFT users trust and follow the verified social media accounts for the projects they support. Hackers are also aware of this. They might not click on random links online that promise a free mint but they may not be suspicious if they are posted by an Azuki account.

The scammers started tweeting, and other people noticed. Soon the internet community spread the word about the compromised account.

span style=”font weight: 400 AZUKI THE OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT HACKED. CLICK LINKS OUT OF OUR ACCOUNT NOW. Rose, Azuki’s community manager, said, “PLEASE RETWEET.” Many others are also raising awareness.

The Azuki team continues to try to get access to their account to prevent any further money or assets being lost.

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