Back to Back with Messi, Luis Suárez Launches an NFT Drop on Ethernity Chain

Luis Suarez is a well-known football player. Suarez (also known as El Pistolero) was a striker at Atletico Madrid and the Uruguayan National Team. He will be launching his own collection of NFTs via the Ethernity Chain on August 2022.

This drop represents the second international super star football player NFT collection. It closely follows the launch on the same platform of Lionel Messi’s private collection. This auction was hugely successful, bringing in $5 Million in just a few days.

Amazing experiences and art go hand-in-hand

Luis Suarez will have “unlockables” in his collection. These are physical collectibles that go with the NFTs. This auction will offer the chance to win physical items that are related to Suarez as well as exceptional personal experiences with Suarez.

Suarez began playing football in 2005 in Uruguay. He has been a player in Ajax before moving to Liverpool FC. The team won the league his first season. Over the course of his football career, he has won 19 trophies, including seven league titles and a UEFA Champions League. He has scored over 500 professional goals and won many European Golden Shoes.

Creativity taken to a new level

This launch was made possible by both Visual Lab and Impossible Brief. They were responsible for the Messi drop and the Nicky Romero superstar DJ drop. Impossible Brief, a creative agency that oversees the world of music videos and visuals, is called Impossible Brief. Visual Lab is a design studio for brands and artists, responsible for creating otherworldly creations.

The Ethernity Chain will host the launch in August. This blockchain-based platform is a leader in the celebrity NFT launch market. It has hosted some amazing drops, including the “Muhammed Ais” collection, “Pele” collection, and, of course, the most famous drop on the chain, “Messiverse Collection”. Ethernity Chain is known for donating a portion of the proceeds from their auctions to charity.

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