Budweiser NFTs sell out within the hour and make their way on to second-market platforms

Budweiser, a pale American lager company, released their first ever NFT collection. They entered the non-fungible token market by selling their entire collection in under an hour.

Budweiser spent $96,000 to purchase the Ethereum Name Service domain “beer.eth” in August 2018. Yesterday’s collection included 1,900 “Core NFTs” and 36 rare “Gold NFTs”.

These were the contents of the NFT website:

“Introducing Budweiser’s first ever NFT collection: Budverse Cans Heritage Edition. The Bud-centric NFT website explains that the collection consists of 1,936 unique digital containers, which represent 1936, the year Budweiser launched its first can. Each NFT is unique and created using archived photos and ads from Budweiser’s rich history. Every NFT acts as an entry point to the Budverse and unlocks exclusive benefits, rewards, and surprises for all NFT holders aged 21+ (or legal drinking age).

All NFTs were sold out in less than an hour. However, approximately 1,500 Budweiser NFTs were soon listed on OpenSea. Budweiser’s marketing strategy likely included flipping NFTs. The brand has been able to maintain the hype by selling them on second-market platforms.

Spencer Gordon, Anheuser-Busch’s VP of Digital + DraftLine, commented on the Budweisers NFT Collection launch.

“The Budweiser Heritage Collection celebrates the brand’s history and moves Budweiser into the metaverse,” “The NFT Collection launch is another example of our innovative, consumer-first approach to strengthening our iconic brands.”

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