Cadalabs: A Decentralized NFT’s and Crypto Collectibles Market kicks Off Token Pre-Sale

Cardano’s first NFT and digital collectors Marketplace, called Cadalabs, is open! This is the first marketplace that uses cardano to offer digital goods, products, and arts with a native token. Cadalabs NFTs and crypto collectibles market are another important accomplishment of the Cadalabs team. This Marketplace will soon be filled by Cadalabs products and services, as well as arts, digital goods, and other products. It will create a reputation-based economy.

Cadalabs has grown much faster than expected. Only a few short weeks have passed since Cadalabs Project’s integration with cardano Blockchain. They started their NFT visionary mission in 200+ members. However, they have grown tremendously to more than 20000 members through its social networks.

Cadalabs is growing faster than expected and will be sold out for the native token pre-sale.


  • Tokens can be staked or unstaked. Users will have access to platform functionality through the use of staked tokens.
  • Power a Democratized Autonomous Platform, allowing users to take part in organizational decisions and help shape product roadmaps.
  • Allow holders to buy physical and virtual goods, services, and content in a decentralized marketplace.
  • Recognize digital content creators that generate quantifiable value. This is determined by the consensus of the community.
  • Users who sign up to receive advertisements can share ad revenue. Users can make a greater share of the revenue by staking more tokens.


Cadalabs achieved a huge success in the CALA tokens Private Sale. The project raised $1,000,000, before going into the pre-sale.

CALA Tokens are still available for purchase by interested investors via the Cadalabs presale page.

Cadalabs Presale Adopters Get Benefits

  1. Cadalabs presale Adopters receive a 10% bonus on the total token they purchased during pre-sale. Cadalabs presale contributors receive a badge that is attached to their username on Cadalabs Platform. Pre-sale contributors will receive a badge that attaches to their username on the Cadalabs Platform. This is a very important advantage in social networks.

Stand out among early adopters These badges can be used to verify your identity and make Cadalabs more popular.

  1. Cadalabs presale contributors are Cadalabs marketmakers and liquidity providers. They are eligible to receive liquidity incentives for every transaction on Cadalabs platform.
  1. The Beta platform is nearly complete and Cadalabs presale contributors will become the first users.


Cadalabs NFT Market and Social Platform will be fully functional when it becomes a global community marketplace for NFT’s, digital content, good & service with one Native token (CALAToken).

It has a unique Proof of Value protocol, which should allow it to be first platform to eradicate spam in a decentralized fashion without any central moderators.

Cadalabs members get exclusive news and development

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