Call Of NFT: Activision Considering NFT Inclusion

An industry insider claims that upcoming Call of Duty (CoD), games may incorporate NFT into their gameplay.

“Insider” Talks about CoD NFTs

The NFT-supported Metaverse development plans are centered on videogames. Activision Blizzard is said to be looking at incorporating NFT elements into future Call of Duty (CoD), videogames. According to a source, a supposedly industry insider who goes by the name ‘RalphsValve on Twitter and has leaked CoD-related information in recent months, broke the news.

They tweeted

“With the Call of Duty UX/UI Overhaul, Infinity Ward plans personalize ACTV accounts: incorporating: Global Calling Cards & Emblems; Avatars; and Statistics. Activision is currently considering NFT inclusion.

Plans not confirmed; could be canceled

Activision has not yet made any announcements or commented revealing any plans to include NFTs. There are many speculations about the nature and purpose of the NFTs. The nature of NFTs is a topic of discussion among community members. Calling cards and weapon skins are the most common ways to incorporate these assets.

RalphsValve added another tweet to his announcement, which also suggests the possibility that the project could be canceled due to uncertainty surrounding NFTs.

They tweeted

“NFTs are under review and being considered for some time. The immediate EA backlash against NFTs can cause it to fall apart. MTX and Content structures can be influenced by trends, predictions, and NFTs seem to be this at the moment.

Microsoft’s Meta Dreams

Activision was recently in the news after it was purchased by Microsoft in January 2022. Microsoft entered the gaming space with the $69 billion all cash deal, which was hailed as the largest in gaming history. It also established the Metaverse.

CEO Satya Nadella had said,

“Gaming is one of the most exciting and dynamic categories in entertainment across all platforms and will play an important role in the development and maintenance of metaverse platforms.”

Microsoft plans to take significant steps in the Metaverse with Activision’s acquisition. According to reports, the NFTs will be included in the upcoming CoD game. This is consistent with Microsoft’s expectations of channeling its Metaverse dreams through Activision’s 390 million monthly users as well as pre-established gaming franchises like Warcraft and Call of Duty. Microsoft also announced plans to upgrade its Xbox gaming console in order to improve the Metaverse experience. This suggests that NFTs could be included in Activision’s CoD.

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