to offer the first UFC NFT collectibles

As the first fight NFTs are available on tomorrow, the collaboration is complete.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which was the biggest sponsorship deal, signed an agreement that totaled $175 million. The first NFT collectibles will soon be available for purchase on

The ‘UFC 268 Packs will be available on November 4th. These packs will contain fight posters as well as belt designs from the highly anticipated Usman vs. Covington2 return fight.

According to’s official blog:

This drop contains 2,999 NFTs which vary in rarity and include limited edition posters, shards, and a beltplate based on UFC 268, as well as posters. To win UFC 268 Collection Sweepstakes gift cards and Fight Pass subscriptions, collectors will be eligible to enter.

Each pack retails at USD 40 and includes a UFC 268 collectible. The blog states that users can only buy two packs per pack. Users who find certain NFTs within their packs will be automatically entered into the UFC 268 Collection Sweepstakes.

After deals with Formula 1, La Lega Seria Italiana soccer, Paris St Germain (French League), and the NHL Montreal Canadiens, the partnership will give the cryptocurrency trading platform another foothold in sports.

The company has also a partnership with Rapp musician, Snoop Dog. Recently, it teamed up with Matt Damon for global TV ads to promote

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