Donald Trump shares views on crypto and adds his support to Melania’s NFT collection

Yesterday, former President Trump spoke out about cryptocurrencies during an interview with Fox Business. He reiterated his earlier statements calling cryptocurrencies dangerous and also discussed Melania Trump’s NFT venture.

In an interview with Fox Business, Trump discussed cryptocurrencies and their eventual decline. He expressed concern about the possibility of a “big tech boom” similar to the 2000’s tech bubble.

“I have never liked crypto because I like the dollar. I prefer the dollar to be the only currency. So, while I don’t like crypto, nobody is stopping it. It’s not a matter of if there’s a dollar coin, but I do want it to be called Dollar. There could be an explosion like we haven’t seen before. It will make the tech boom look like it’s just for babies. Trump stated that Crypto was “very dangerous”.

Trump stated that the dollar should be the world’s currency in an interview with Fox News. He also said that he considered Bitcoin a fraud. Trump also stated that Bitcoin could be fake and pose a threat the dollar.

Trump supported Melania Trump’s NFT venture, despite his harsh remarks. Melania Trump released her NFT platform via an announcement that explained the nature of the platform and how some of the funds would be donated for children who have aging out of foster care. This statement noted the following:

“I am proud of my NFT initiative, which embodies my passion and will support my ongoing commitment for children through my Be Best initiative. We will teach children programming and software development through this technology-based platform. This will allow them to succeed after they leave the foster care system.

Trump spoke briefly to Fox Business about his wife’s NFT venture. He said that his wife is doing well and that “she has a great imagination, people love our former first Lady”.

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