Dragon Pool – New Light promises to take the NFT Game industry to the next level!

The phrase “Play-to-earn” in NFT games is not new and is often used by gamers. Traditional game methods require a lot of work and very little profit. Dragon Pool is a new wave of NFT Game. If you love games and making money, theres no need to master “super” techniques.

Game Fi Industry and NFT trends

GameFi is a Blockchain game hub and launchpad platform built upon Polygon. GameFi is a game finance hub that serves all game studios, players and traders. GameFi will offer the gaming community blockchain-based game initiatives that were developed on the Polygon and BSC networks. These networks host the majority of the most popular play-for-money games. GameFi is also the first marketplace that allows cross-game trade of in-game NFTs and items.

NFT is not a new term for crypto investors. It is particularly popular because of its association with “Play to Earn” Games. NFT will likely be a new investment trend in the future and can be used in many industries around the globe. NFTs unique features are truly fascinating and different than other options. NFTs applications can also be used to create crypto-currencies.

Dragon Pool Game – New Light in NFT Game Industry

Overview of the Game

Dragon Pool is hosted on Binance Smart Chain, a fast and reliable smart chain. (Binance Smart Chain or BSC) A platform that hosts tokenized Digital creatures in an imaginary universe. This exploits the unique Non-Fungibility feature that BEP-721 provides. This is a major step forward in NFT technology and a way to create a new asset class for NFT that is skill-based.

Although Dragon Pool was launched late, it has the competitive advantage of low risk and low initial investments. We are confident that Dragon Pool is going to be a major player in Blockchain Gaming. It also shows that a player can prove his worth by using skill, ingenuity, and sound strategy, thereby bringing about profit for the player. The games balance is also being improved by the development team.

Dragon Pool is a new implementation that uses the same formula but has several highly-desirable features. It uses the BEP20 protocol provided by BSC to create its Token, DP-NFT.

Dragon Pool is the first ecosystem that combines the excitement of gaming with the value of digital collectibles. It transforms it into the universe of digital creatures. Dragon Pool will use a new level NFT-based gameplay and integrate it into a blockchain-based, decentralized financial system. This will allow the game to be both fun and investment-worthy.


BSC-based infrastructure must be able to handle large transaction volumes, fast processing speeds, and low transaction costs.

– Blockchain technology is being used to prevent censorship or interference by issuers

– Simple and engaging gameplay with attractive graphics

You can get into the game room for as low as $6 and hunt for food. If you have a strategy and protect your Dragon, you can earn several thousand dollars. You can also see the following:

– Many attractive rewards and high value, with a diverse mission system.

– Players will soon be able to purchase DP-NFT Token through airdrops and presale programs

Collab with Dex Pancakeswap and cointiger to create the main DP–NFT coin for the game

Game Feature

– Value brings value to players

+ The market trend is completely different when the NFT value doesnt have a sentiment-based measure that determines the value. It is easy for issuers to manipulate the NFT value because all efforts, rare, depend on supply-demand.

+ Dragon Pool is not just a game that can earn value; modern NFT value is calculated on the intrinsic attributes of players skills, thinking, and tactics. This is the value players create, and deserve to be rewarded with.

+ Dragon Pool is a game ecosystem that connects developers and players to build a strong community of exchange, connection, and cooperation.

+ Become a steady and long-term worker during the complex development of the covid disease.

+ An easy way to increase your income regardless of age or industry.

– Assess the value of each player correctly

+ The merger of a new, trust-agnostic and immutable economic paradigm with one of the most beloved pas-times in Human History (gaming), is surprising.

+ Players spend time playing. They learn patience and perseverance. Their efforts were measured by their score, rank, and/or character development. Dragon is a game that allows players capture their unique gaming achievements through their NFT.

+ Dragon Pool also makes some achievements extremely difficult, making it possible for exceptional players to make NFTs that are rare and valuable.


  • Token Name: Dragon Pool Token
  • Ticket: DP-NFT
  • Total supply: 100,000,000,000 tokens
  • Protocol: Bep-20 (Binance smart chain)
  • Transaction fees are 1.5%. 1% to transfer to burn wallet reduces supply. 0.5% is a reward that is divided equally between holders based on holding ratio.
  • Burning rate limit 95%

Token Allocation:

  • Advisor: 3% – Lock
  • Dev: 24% Lock
  • Marketing: 12% Lock
  • Agency: 10% – Lock
  • Play to Earn: 26% – Lock
  • Listing: 12% – Lock cakelp
  • Presale: 12%
  • Airdrop: 1%

The future growth of What Dragon Pool will be strong, thanks to the team.finance wallet lock for 24 month certified by techrate.org and team.finance confirming that the exchange listing will bring in a lot more value.

Dragon Pool promises to be an amazing highlight that will take the NFT Game industry up to the next level.

Dragon Pool is a simple game with fun mechanics. Its not like other blockchain games that have many features. Dragon Pool is open to all crypto enthusiasts, regardless of their age or profession. Dragon Pool specializes in games that are more relaxing and entertaining than other genres. These games require more brain power to solve puzzles. It also allows gamers to practice their ingenuity and improve their skills for protecting their Dragons.

Dragon Pool believes that everyone should be rewarded for taking time to relax in a busy world.

The valid investor who would love to collaborate, invest or get involved with the Dragon Pool project can get in touch with the team at [email protected]


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