eBay Makes NFT Debut On Polygon

The Polygon NFT collection will be the first to feature Wayne Gretsky, a Canadian hockey legend.

OneOf Selects Polygon Blockchain

The collection was announced by eBay via a Monday press release. This collection was created through a strategic partnership with OneOf NFT. It is called “Genesis” and will include 3D animated digital versions from old Sports Illustrated covers featuring Wayne Gretzky, a former professional hockey player.

OneOf has decided to use the Polygon blockchain instead of Tezos for its collection. Joshua James, the OneOf COO, has responded to criticism by saying that this move was controversial.

“OneOf believes that the future is multi-chain, and we made the choice to use Polygon for the first Sports Illustrated drop… For continuity across the SI collection we will continue using Polygon for all their drops.” As you can see from all of our recent drops, we are still big Tezos fans.

First Pack Drops On eBay

eBay has launched the Genesis collection’s first drop. The limited edition NFT packs come in a 4-tiered system that offers varying degrees of uniqueness. Prices start at $10 for the lowest green level and rise with the platinum, gold, and diamond tiers. The drop’s most expensive NFT was priced at $1,500. These NFTs are digital renderings of Gretzky, some with his signature digitalized.

Dawn Block, eBay’s Vice President of Collectibles, Electronics and Home, commented on the first drop.

NFTs and blockchain technology have revolutionized the collectibles market and are now being seen as an investment opportunity by enthusiasts. eBay has partnered with OneOf to make coveted NFTs easier accessible to a new generation. This is in line with our commitment to deliver high-value, passionate items to the eBay seller and buyer community.

Price Tag In USD

When eBay’s CEO suggested a possible launch of a digital wallet, the online retailer previously expressed interest in blockchain and crypto. eBay’s Genesis collection is its first venture into the space of non-fungible tokens. These pieces cannot be purchased using cryptocurrency like other NFTs. These NFTs cannot be sold on-chain. These tokens can be purchased by interested buyers using US dollars. After completing a purchase, the buyer will receive a redemption link via chat or email.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.

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