Emodicons Algorithmically Generated Artwork Featured By Levitated Arts


Emodicons are algorithmically generated art created by LevitatedArts.eth, an artist, entrepreneur, and founder of Levitated Arts.

What are Emodicons from Levitated Arts?

Emodicons are an assortment of algorithmically created artwork created for Levitated Arts. The first-generated artwork was created in collaboration with Levitated Arts. The first Generation of Emodicons of 7,777 will be made using over 150 different features.

The rarest traits include animation and music integration of Levitated Artists. They are creating an image by using Web3 along with blockchain technology. It is also a base that yo , as a community member can use to create the legacy you want to leave!

emodicons on opensea

What Are The Benefits of Owning An Emodicon?

When you own an Emodicon you will be granted access to the Levitated Society, which includes benefit for independent artists by way of metaverse art galleries and meetups and much more. Here are a few advantages:

  • The Emodicon will be much more than just an NFT. It’s your part of a expanding Web-3’s brand.
  • Access to the exclusive members-only Merch store.
  • When you own the Emodicon, you get the full rights to commercialize your own Emodicon(s).

Watch the T-Ray Show Featuring LevitatedArts and Emodicons

Watch Emodicons and Levitated Arts on Youtube

A wide selection of original music by amazing local Artists. A few of the LEVITATED musicians are:levitated labs emodicons

CRYSUS  is a rising dubstep artist hailing from the Midwest!

IMG SPOOKY is a rapper from the MidWest making Kenosha, WI on the map!

Dion Warlocke is a rock band hailing from central Oklahoma. It is driven by new, alternative wave as well as surf punk.

For more details about the Emodicons visit https://LevitatedSociety.com/

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