Fantom Announces The Launch Of The Beta Version Of Its NFT Marketplace, Artion

Fantom announced today the launch Artion, an NFT marketplace entirely built on Fantom. Fantom describes Artion as an NFT marketplace with 0% commissions that is open-source and feature-rich, fast, inexpensive, and has near-zero transaction fees.

Fantom used Twitter to share the news with its followers and users.

The Key Features of Artion

Artion NFT Marketplace has many key features, such as:

Integration of Metamask and Coinbase Wallet

Metamask or Coinbase Wallets allow users to easily access Artion. Artion supports Fantom-based ERC-20 tokens like fUSDT and USDC. Future releases will support more tokens.

Low fees and 0% commission

Artion will charge 10 FTM to mint NFTs. There are no sales commissions. NFT creators have the option to set royalties for minting NFTs, so they can make revenue through secondary sales.

Chainlink Integration

Artion also supports Chainlink price feeds. These are natively integrated to ensure that accurate and secure crypto-to-crypto transactions can be supported in the NFT market. Chainlink price integration allows users the ability to list NFTs as stable assets like USD and then purchase them in any currency using the Chainlink prices feeds.

Artions integration to the Chainlink price feeds will initially allow for FTM/USD and wFTM/USD. USDT/USD and USDC/USD will follow. More integrations are planned in the future.

Support for ERC-721 Tokens

Artion will support ERC-721 token standards during beta release. This allows users to easily mint NFTs without any prior knowledge of coding. Artion allows users to keep track of and display NFT collections or NFTs deployed on Fantom.

Wrapper wFTM

Artion will also include a swap station, which will allow users to wrap/unwrap FTM/wFTM tokens on their platform without having to switch to another one.

A simplified UX

Artions UX design is simple and intuitive. It was specifically designed for responsiveness in order to meet Fantoms high throughput network.

Email Alerts and Enhanced Profiles

Artion allows users to create user profiles that allow creators to share rich content with the community. To keep track of a users activity or express an interest in a NFT, community members can follow them. You can also sign up for email notifications when a new NFT goes on sale.

Buy, sell, participate in auctions

NFT Marketplace offers buyers and sellers many options for buying or selling NFTs. Sellers have the option to specify a price for their NFTs, also known as the set cost. The NFT will be sold if the buyer agrees to the price. Sellers may also be offered by buyers. They can decline the offer or accept it.

Sellers may also indicate a starting price, a reserve price and an end and start time for the auction. After the auction starts, these parameters can be changed.

The First Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

Future Artion releases will include an embedded version of Anyswap’s Ethereum-Fantom NFT Bridge, which will allow for interoperability between Ethereum and Artion. Artion will be the first cross-chain NFT marketplace. This will allow NFT creators as well as collectors to port their collections to Fantom with no transaction fees or commissions.

The need for artion

NFT markets are growing exponentially and Fantoms NFT projects have multiplied. Fantom collections such as BitUman Fantom Waifus Fantom Waifus Strangebrew Fantom Punks, Fantom Waifus and Strangebrew sold out quickly. Fantoms Andre Cronje released Rarity, which saw Fantom users create nearly 3,000,000 NFTs in just days. Each NFT represents a character in this game.

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