First-Ever NFT Collection of 2CrazyNFT: Mario Chalmers Now Available on Binance NFT Marketplace

2CrazyNFT partners up with Mario Chalmers, a professional American basketball player, to launch its first NFT collection. On the 4th February 2022, the Binance NFT Marketplace will release the exclusive NFT collection. NFT Drop will also allow for the distribution of various prizes to basketball fans via tier cards, including Epic, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Legendary, with special perks. Limited-edition merchandise, VIP tickets to the Miami Heat Game, Zoom sessions with NFT legends, and fully-covered trips with Mario are all available to fans. To celebrate the Mario NFTs’ release, there will be a number of staking to win competitions.

Almarious Vernard, alias Mario Calmers, is a veteran of the NBA and one of the greatest players in the history. He was part the National Championship team from 2007-08, and also won two NBA Championships. This is a testament to his exceptional sportsmanship. “I’ve wanted to start an NFT for quite some time. Mario Chalmers said, “I love the work 2CrazyNFT is doing in this space and I’m excited about our project.”

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange and provider of blockchain infrastructure worldwide, will feature the collection. This will help 2CrazyNFT expand its efforts in the crypto market through its large community of creators, artists and NFT gaming enthusiasts. 2CrazyNFT has received investment from blockchain industry leaders to help facilitate the NFT revolution. Leading investors supporting 2Crazy’s vision include Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera,, Dark Pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stanley, X21, Megan Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital, AU21 and others. 2CrazyNFT has a great team that is dedicated to ensuring massive innovation.

NFTs, as we all know, are disrupting the creator economics. NFTs are driving the adoption of blockchain to unprecedented heights, from rapidly creating a global market for digital content and prompting drastic changes in art and creativity. 2CrazyNFT has the potential to create a new wave in Esports and NFT Fandom. It is an ecosystem that allows individuals to connect to their favorite personalities and seamlessly blends crypto and sports.

Project developers and digital creators are looking at different aspects of the lucrative NFT and blockchain gaming opportunities as they rise in popularity across various industrial sectors. 2CrazyNFT is a pioneering idea that will become the epicenter of global eSports players and create a completely new digital experience for users

The Basketball Fanatics Need to Get Away

Mario Chalmers’ foray in to NFT is revolutionary. It will bring millions of basketball fans together with his pioneering impact on the NBA. The NBA Superstar is an inspiration figure in the OG basketball communities. Binance and 2 CrazyNFT will collaborate to bring you the First-Ever Drop. Exclusive merchandise and collaboration opportunities with their favorite celebrities and stars will be available to users. Binance NFT Marketplace and the partnership will offer users lucrative opportunities to join the wider NFT ecosystem and receive exclusive perks. Mario’s entry will allow fans to meet other players and win VIP tickets to the Miami Heat Game. 2CrazyNFT offers players the chance to make stronger connections with their fans and provides valuable experiences.

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