Former First Lady Melania Trump Enters NFT Arena

Melania Trump, the former First Lady of America, has announced that she will launch an NFT platform. This is her first venture after leaving the White House.

Melania Trump’s New NFT Initiative

According to a statement by The Office Melania Trump, the ex-first lady will launch an NFT platform powered Parler by Parler. Parler is a popular social networking site that has won favor with far-right conservatives as well as extremists. will be regularly updated with exclusive NFTs. A portion of the money raised will go to children who have been placed in foster care. Proceeds will be used to empower children in technology and computer science to help them achieve economic empowerment.

NFT Launch: “Melania’s Vision”

“Melania’s Vision” is the first NFT. It will include a watercolor painting of Mrs. Trump’s eyes by Marc-Antoine Coulon. The NFT will go live on December 16, and it will be available to purchase until December 31.

Trump spoke out about the initiative.

“I am proud of my NFT initiative, which embodies my passion and will support my ongoing commitment for children through my Be Best initiative. We will teach children programming and software development through this technology-based platform. This will allow them to succeed after they leave the foster care system.

Some reports claim that the NFT is listed at $180 (approximately $180), and will include an audio recording of a message of hope from Mrs. Trump.

MoonPay and Solana Not Excited

In addition, the announcement mentioned that NFT records will be stored on the Solana Blockchain and that MoonPay, a crypto fintech startup, would be used for payment services. Both companies came forward to inform the public that they did not have a partnership with the First Lady. According to Solana representatives, the truth is that there was no partnership.

“I wanted you to know, to avoid any confusion: Her choice to use Solana’s blockchain was entirely organic. This project is not part any Solana led initiative.”

Another representative from MoonPay also stated that it was not possible to use MoonPay’s credit card to purchase Melania Trump’s NFT collection. It also tweeted that it had not been involved in the initiative.

Both companies released statements that are quite interesting because it is clear that they are trying to distance themselves from Melania Trump. Melania Trump’s husband Donald Trump, a controversial former President, could have been behind the lack of enthusiasm. He had previously made some demeaning remarks about cryptocurrencies.

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