Frank Miller’s Sin City NFT Fetches ~$840k At Auction

Frank Miller, creator of Sin City, sold his non-fungible token to the highest bidder for $840,986.16. Auctioned was an original piece of comic book art called “I Love You Nancy Callahan.” Sources involved in the auction said that the auction price was the highest for NFT comic book art.

Miller, who is still new to NFT and NFT art, had the support of two NFT-focused gaming companies, Concept Art House, and Gala Games. These companies were instrumental in creating the NFT, which uses blockchain technology for authenticating artwork.

Details of the NFT

The NFT, which is titled “I Love You Nancy Callahan”, is animated with sound design. It consists of original comic panels that highlight one of the most important stories in Sin City, Detective Hartigans death.

OpenSea was the partner selling this unique piece to the highest bidder within 24 hours. Auction rules stipulated that any bid received within the last 5 minutes would trigger an additional 10 minutes to the auction. This was to make sure that all parties were able to follow-up on any bids received.

The auction was extended by the above rule for an additional two hours. There were three active bidders during the last stages.

A Bidding Frenzy

There were three active bidders until the close of the bid. Bidding amounts varied significantly, reaching as high as $25,000 to $50,000. The bids went up from $435,000-$591,000, then to $800,000. Before finally closing at $840.986.16

The NFT was sold for $840,986.16, making it Frank Millers most expensive piece. Frank Millers most prized piece of art is his cover artwork, which features a lightning bolt. It was created for The Dark Knight Returns. The piece is currently unavailable for sale, but it is estimated to be worth $1.6 million.

Millers other art work

Frank Millers Batman The Dark Knight No. 3 splash page was sold for $448,000. The splash page 3 Batman and Robin was the most valuable original artwork ever sold by an American at an auction, selling for $448,000. Heritage Auctions Hall of Fame for Comics and Comic Art has released details that show that this piece is now the 10th most valuable comic book artwork, while the current one ranks at No.3.

Miller issued a statement saying,

“It is a great honor to see my fans, Marv and Sin City, participate in this new world. The three-dimensionality (of NFTs) is something you dont get when making comics. You can aspire to it when you draw, but to see things form and move as in Nancy Callahans I Love You, Nancy Callahan is a truly wonderful experience.”

The Sin City Graphic Novel celebrates its 30th anniversary

Miller has joined Gala Labs and Concept Art House in creating a series 10 NFTs to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Concept Art used motion and sound design to bring life to the artwork, while Gala Labs created a platform to further sell it. Frank Miller spoke exclusively to CryptoDaily. He discussed NFTs, and the forthcoming launch of NFTs to commemorate the Sin City Graphic Novels 30th Anniversary.

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