Gate NFT Introduces Fractional NFTs and Blue-chip NFT Crowdfunding Features

Majuro, Marshall Islands. 29th June 2022. Chainwire is one of the most prominent digital asset platforms and was founded in 2009. It now offers Fractional NFTs services and blue-chip NFT crowdfunding on its Gate NFT platform.

NFT collections, particularly PFP NFTs, are becoming increasingly popular as Web 3.0 develops. Their popularity stems from their appeal in popular culture and the potential financial impact they have. Although they are highly collectible and have excellent appreciation, the high price tag can make it difficult for casual NFT enthusiasts to afford them. Fractional NFTs are the answer to widespread NFT adaptation and solve liquidity problems for some pieces.

Gate NFT will launch fractional NFTs products, and blue-chip NFT crowdfunding functionality. Fractional blue-chip NFT fundraising will launch the first phase next week. It will include MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club), collectibles. The MAYC subscription will open on June 29. Blue-chip NFT collection blue-chips will be selected for the pilot series of fractional NFT products. They are in high demand on the open NFT market. Subscribers who are successful can receive fractional NFT avatar rights and low entry fees. This puts you in the elite club of NFT collectors.

Fractional NFTs can be very helpful to NFT enthusiasts and novices. They allow them to acquire high-priced, blue-chip NFT collections with minimal investment. This lowers the public’s barrier to participation in the creation and distribution of NFTs. Fractional NFTs can be used to increase NFT liquidity, reduce their price range or promote their investment opportunities.

Fractional NFT

Fractional NFTs allow each fragment to be individually sold by dividing the ownership. These fragments allow investors to purchase NFTs that are otherwise unaffordable. They also enable holders to cash out a portion of the NFT’s value immediately without having to sell it.

Blue-chip NFT crowdfunding function

Once an NFT has been selected, the NFT trading platform can initiate crowdfunding subscriptions. Subscribing to a selected amount allows users to participate in crowdfunding. The platform will buy the NFT and issue NFT fragments proportional according to the amount the user purchased. The funds of the user will be returned if the subscription to the project fails.

Fractional NFT-#8016MAYC’s first phase subscription

Gate NFT’s first phase is MAYC #8016. There are 1,000 fractions, and each piece costs 20USDT. After the subscription has been successful, the subscriber will receive the appropriate share of MAYC#8016 fractional NFT. They can also enjoy the value-added benefits.

The Mutant Ape Club (MAYC), a spin-off of BAYC, was created by Yuga Labs. MAYC features a zombie mutation theme. Yuga Labs claims MAYC to be the “ultimate member” of ape-holders. Yuga Labs sold 10,000 MAYC in August 2021 and generated $96 million worth ETH sales within one hour.

The most sought-after NFT collectibles can be very expensive, which limits the number of transactions and NFTs’ circulation to a limited extent. Innovations in fractional NFTs could significantly increase the liquidity and rationalize the prices of NFT collections. Fractional NFTs, on the other hand allow ordinary investors and collectors to easily participate in the market. The NFT industry is thriving because of the increased exposure it receives.

About the artist

Bored Ape Yacht Club is the latest shining star in crypto. However, many people have not heard of Seneca, the 27-year old Asian-American Artist who is the main designer behind the NFT project. Seneca never dreamed that this collection of works would lead to a technological revolution.

Gate NFT

Gate NFT is the first global centralized NFT trading platform. It focuses on creative incubation as well as asset management for NFT artworks in blockchain digital currency. It provides high-quality, low-cost support in blockchain technology for artists worldwide and NFT institutions through the independent innovation of GateChain’s cross-chain protocol and GateChain’s public chain. Gate NFT trading markets covers NFT works from a variety of fields such as music, games, sports, and art. It allows artists and ordinary users to trade NFT works at low prices. The complete experience of collecting.

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