Hashed Launches UNOPND to Accelerate Metaverse and NFT Innovation

The combination of metaverse networks and non-fungible tokens has been a major trend in internet-based gaming since 2020. Its adoption by a large audience is hampered by lack of information among the general population and strict entry requirements for non-technical users.

UNOPND is a Hashed-founded startup incubator that aims to foster the best projects in the field NFTs/metaverse gaming. UNOPND is a studio for the development of creative gaming projects. It will use the expertise and experience of Hasheds leadership to study and support the most recent use-cases within the blockchain gaming industry.

Chan Lee, UNOPND CEO, stated that UNOPND would create an ecosystem of creators as well as users and offer innovative services that reveal the value of blockchain.

“We have seen that many blockchain-based social services and games are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years. To find the best products, we will focus on the market demand and the communities.

Opening Up New Frontiers

UNOPND recognizes that the NFT/metaverse space has enormous potential to revolutionize how consumers interact and consume entertainment. UNOPND seeks to lower entry barriers for creators and users.

UNOPND will provide market insight, strategic counseling, PR and community building support to new projects. Fundraising drives by the Hashed team will provide financial support for UNOPND-related projects.

UNOPND is currently investigating a variety of NFT applications across multiple Blockchains. It has identified Ethereum and Terra as potential homes for operations, but does not limit itself to one. UNOPND works with many projects and helped to launch the first NFT-based Terra game, Derby Stars, horse-racing.

Derby Stars is a prime example of how NFT and metaverse gaming subvert the trend of major publishers pay-to play games. Instead, they introduce the concept of “play-to-earn.”

Derby Stars allows gamers to win cryptocurrency payouts for winning a race. However, they can also train and breed horses that can be customized and molded in many unique ways.

Simon Kim, co-founder and CEO at Hashed, believes that his companys mission is to make blockchain applications mainstream. He said that Hashed was excited to lead efforts towards making blockchain mainstream.

Kim sees blockchain projects as being more than just financial applications.

The Hashed boss stated that financial applications of blockchain are one of the many areas they are currently exploring. He also said that UNOPND is ripe for support for founders and teams who want to explore the full potential of blockchain in creative ways.

Hashed is an investment firm in the blockchain space. It has helped many clients to penetrate the market through early financial support.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.

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