Hefty Art Partners with MF Husain to Immortalize Art Pieces as NFTs

Hefty Art announced its association with the Estate MF Husain in order to bring to its NFT platform exclusive artworks and lauded paintings by Maqbool Fda Husain. This collaboration will help to preserve the legacy of India’s most renowned painter, and make it available in digital formats. The Hefty Art and MF Husain Estate are ready to announce the first set NFTs for the iconic painter’s work, dubbed Fury’. Hefty Art is an initiative by Hindustan Talkies, and Hungama. They will bring MF Husain’s most acclaimed works to the NFT area.

NFTs continue to gain traction and many Bollywood celebrities have explored them. The NFT space has seen many new collections of digital content launched, including those by Amitabh and Rajnikanth, Salman Khan, Yuvraj, and other industry figures.

India is now closer to adopting digital assets, after years of waffling on its stance. With plans to tax crypto proceeds at 30% and a proposed digital currency, India’s crypto-economy could see a significant boost. Both will use this development to open new markets in crypto and other art markets around the world. Hefty Art will be a leading NFT marketplace, curated to support the transition of many art forms into the blockchain ecosystem.

MF Husain’s paintings within the NFT ecosystem

Maqbool Fida’s artworks have been celebrated throughout India and the world for decades. They include amazing paintings, sculptures and drawings as well as films, writings and films. MF Husain has built a remarkable collection that is internationally acclaimed.

Hefty art aims to bring this collection of extraordinary talent to virtual spaces, where anyone can explore and even own a piece. The much-anticipated auction featuring non-fungible tokens for love would be the catalyst for a series exciting launches by a number of internationally renowned artists, followed by the feature in Hefty Art.

The auction will provide a platform to sell the works of the famous painter. It will allow users to purchase some of the most beloved artworks by the famous painter. Hefty Art’s partnership with the Estate MF Husain seamlessly aligns with its vision to lower entry barriers and increase engagement for creative enthusiasts and users, as they purchase the most prestigious and high-end artworks by leading global artists.

Owais Husain – Representative, Estate of MF Husain – expressed concern about the new collaboration:

“As an artist, I’m happy and excited to introduce my father’s iconic artworks via NFTs on hefty art. Husain’s broad strokes of paint allowed him to change the face of Indian modern art and thus take his place in the history books. This move, which I believe will have the same effect as before, positions itself to play an important role in the global transformation of art markets.

Hefty Art has also partnered with eDAO to support the platform’s growth. This entertainment- and creator-focused eDAO allows users to connect and engage with their favorite artists and celebrities seamlessly. It will showcase the diversity and richness of art, culture and entertainment around the world with more high-quality art creations and untapped creativity through the Hefty Metaverse.

The Hefty Art platform is supported by Polygon, which supports Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. It will revolutionize the art world and lead a new sphere that will reshape the way artists create and distribute content through its Web 3.0 initiative. It is committed to providing entertainment for billions worldwide. HeftyArt will be a leader in promoting immersive experiences and valuable content in the future.

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