How Hoops Association proves that having “game” in the NFT space means more than just digital utility.

If you don’t know about NFTs, then you are most likely living under a rock. There are so many NFT projects that focus on sports. What makes one project different from the others? Hoops Association brings old-school, real-life advantages to NFTs. They want to show basketball fans what the crypto-space can do for them (beyond collecting funny GIFs).

Hoops Association is a collection 10,000 ERC721 Hoops NFTs that are designed for basketball fans, by basketball enthusiasts. Hoops Association was created by Maso Rich (Mason Richman), the artist behind the sold-out Golden State Warriors NFTs. It is a basketball-centric club that members can enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences.

What makes the Hoops Association stand out from other projects? Hoops Association is your one stop shop for all things basketball, on the blockchain, in metaverse, or in real life. This vibrant and active community attracts fans from all walks of technology and sports. The team hosts the project and works hard to keep the vibe going. These include community competitions like HOOPS MADNESS (Hoops March Madness Competition with Amazing Prizes), AMAs, Spaces with influential people in the basketball and crypto industries, and all the latest and greatest basketball conversation!

This is not your typical NFT art collection. The real-life utility proves it! Every Hoops NFT comes equipped with bonuses that will immediately benefit the holder. These bonuses include:

  • Services of ticket concierge
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on NBA tickets
  • Engage with NBA players and converse/embark

As if that weren’t enough, the Hoops Team, in collaboration Adam Richman and Medium-Rare (the team behind Shaq’s Fun House), is already curating Hoops Fest, the Association’s first IRL-event.

The project boasts a team of top-tier talent, which is just the cherry on top!

Ali Rahmoun is the Art Director at Hoops and the creator of the sports design startup SportsTemplates. His 3D templates for sports have been used by more than 10 NBA teams and ESPN.

The Hoops team roster also includes AJ Rompza (basketball trainer by day, TikTok viral star by night) and Crissa Jackson (13th woman to have played for the Harlem Globe Trotters, who has over 15M followers on social media. They are among a growing number of basketball influencers who support the project.

In the next four weeks, Hoops NFTs will be making hoops NFTs – a celebration for March Madness and just in-time for Playoffs. Hoops Association’s inaugural drop is a must-see for anyone who loves basketball, wants to learn more about NFTs, or simply needs a Father’s Day gift. It’s your membership card and an investment in the future of basketball.

For more info visit: or join the community on Discord

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