Is the NFT Hype over ? It might just start again

NFTs are still very popular as more buyers use well-known platforms like OpenSea for digital asset sales and purchases. As partnerships in the crypto world continue their growth, NFT projects that are leading continue to enjoy strong sales.

Data from NFT traders in the competition showed that there was a dramatic increase in sales volume of dollars within one week. About 2.5 million people were on the waitlist for NFTs on Coinbase Global Inc.’s NFT marketplace as of November 29th.

Gamified experiences are one of the most exciting and unique aspects of the NFT industry. The inclusion of NFTs in-game allows users to generate passive income and crypto gamification continues the revolutionization of traditional gaming.

The Mooning Monkey Ecosystem Offers Unique Opportunities for Earning – #H2E Earn

Mooning Monkey is the best place to start if you are interested in NFTs and also want to know how you can win millions playing a redesigned version of Crash.

Gamers can make huge returns on their investment in the game by cashing out at the right moment before the multiplier crashes.

Mooning Monkey community members have the unique opportunity to be among the first to purchase a Sci-Fi comic in NFT format. To purchase a page from one of the four small, colorful comic books that have 14 pages each, owners of at least one Mooning Monkey may visit the Mooning Monkey comics book portal.

Full-book owners get a variety of privileges. Surprises are also given to the first 10 owners of 14 pages in any book.

Mooning Monkey NFT owners can make passive income and get more revenue share by evolving their monkeys. To trade four Monkey NFTs for a Galactic Gorilla, users can also trade up to attain the top evolution, one among 500 Eternal Yetis. Users must give up 24 Mooning Monkeys. The evolution tree of NFTs and the rewards for each stage can be found on the NFT evolution page. NFT holders will receive lucrative passive income, as 50% of game profits will be distributed to them.

Mooning Monkey gamers have the option to use the profit calculator on the platform to calculate the amount of revenue they could collect as NFT holders at each evolution stage.

In a saturated NFT world, the Mooning Monkeys are a unique exception

Mooning Monkey NFTs are built around 239 unique traits and have beautiful artwork. NFT holders can become shareholders of the entire game, which increases the value of each NFT.

Mooning Monkey intends for the NFT to be a celebration of the gaming industry and to empower players to build relationships with like-minded individuals who are looking to make passive income and to make money.

Mooning Monkey NFT mining begins December 16th at 7pm UTC. Prices start at 2.99 SOL for each Monkey. The final SOL amount will change to $600 USD per Mooning Monkey, NFT, 12 hours prior to the sale.

The team members plan to distribute 100 Mooning Monkeys randomly to NFT early participants and to announce surprises that will increase the value of each Mooning Monkey NFT.

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