JD Malat Gallery and Artist Kojo Marfo Will Launch A NFT Collection This April

Non-fungible tokens can be used as more than just an investment vehicle for those looking to make a quick buck. They are an opportunity for artists to communicate with their audience and provide a new way for them to do so. Kojo Marfo is a well-known artist who will soon release his NFT collection to showcase the technology’s potential.

Kojo Marfo Gets Global High praise

Kojo Marfo, an artist based in London, is proud to be Ghanaian. From a young age, he was interested in art and visual culture. These Akan artifacts, carvings and sculptures are what captivate him most. They also inspire his art. Akan art can be used to address sensitive social issues.

Although there are many representations of African culture within the art world, it is not well represented. Marfo hopes to provide an audience with a self-referential view of the Black image by providing abstracts that highlight the beauty of Africa’s geographical and social aspects.

JD Malat Gallery helped to increase global interest in Kojo Marfo’s work. Over 1,000 artists from Great Britain were invited to exhibit their work at the gallery’s renowned art gallery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marfo’s work was highly praised by all who attended the event. This allowed him to reach new audiences and strike a cord with people.

Marfo made a successful appearance at the JD Malat Gallery exhibition and traveled around the globe. His exhibitions took place in Turkey and China as well as Miami. His work will be on display in New York, which is one of the most important art centers in the world. Collectors have struggled to add Marfo’s pieces to their collections as the demand for his work has increased dramatically. NFT technology will change this situation.

The Kojo Marfo NFT collection

Kojo Marfo and JD Malat Gallery will launch an NFT collection for Ethereum. The “Strangers Collection,” Marfo’s love for Pablo Picasso, and Akan art is highlighted. This collection includes unique artworks that combine 250 different attributes to create unique digital artwork with global appeal.

Kojo Marfo has a comment on the NFT collection

My art is not likenesses to real people. Instead, I use figures from my childhood memories and dreams to create characters that are far removed from the reality. This is how I work, to not only pay respect to my childhood visual memories that are rooted in Akan cultural imagery, but also because I want the themes explored by the strangers to be more easily accessible to the viewer.

Marfo can reach new audiences through the “Strangers Collection”. It also signifies a strong connection with physical artworks. The collection combines three key pillars: artistic vision and charity. It also reflects the blending of digital and real worlds. Marfo will donate part of the proceeds of the first collection sale to a charity. Kojo is committed to supporting people in precarious circumstances, regardless of their age, gender, and nationality.

The “Strangers Collection”, which will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, will be available for purchase from April 2022. The official Twitter account will provide more information about the launch of the collection.

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