Kings Of Leon Team Up With SpaceX To Send NFT Into Space

Kings of Leon, an American Rock band, has announced that SpaceX will be their first partner to launch a non-fungible token in space (NFT), aboard the Inspiration4 mission next Wednesday. One of the songs from Kings of Leon and a collection of digital art will be carried into space by the mission.

First Spaceflight with a Payload of Civilians and NFTs

This collaboration is part of an historic event that will see all-civilian spaceflight launch at NASAs Kennedy Space Center. The mission will carry 51 NFTs total, including a previously unreleased rendition of “Time in Disguise” by Kings of Leon.

The Inspiration4 team announced that Time in Disguise would also be the first ever minted NFT song to play in orbit. Other NFTs are digital art creations by 50 artists. Inspiration4s Twitter account posted a tweet saying,

“Excited to share a glimpse into the #Inspiration4 mission-payload. See how you can own a piece of history like the first NFT song to go to space from @KingsofLeon and other iconic items, benefiting the lifesaving work of @StJude here on Earth:”

The NFT will be up for auction. All proceeds from the auction will go to St. Jude Childrens Hospital. Bidding starts at $50,000. The NFT and the iPhone which took it to space will be awarded to the winner of the auction. Kings of Leon stated in an interview with People that they believe the auction will bring them the NFT and the iPhone that took it to space.

It means so much to be part of this historic moment. We always liked the sound of Time in Disguise when we recorded it in the studio. The live visuals also have that same vibe. To have that song and those images now be part of something so historic is amazing.

Spaceflight for Charity

Jared Issacman (founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments), is the man behind the Inspiration4. Its a three-day trip around the Earths orbit. The mission aims to raise $200 million for St Judes Childrens Research Hospital. To support the hospitals research and fundraising efforts, the Kings of Leon NFT will also be sold.

Origin Protocol will host the auction. This is the same platform that issued the NFTs. Between now and November, the NFTs can be auctioned.

Space NFTs

Other NFTs have also made it into space. Nanoracks LLC, Artemis Music Entertainment and Artemis Music Entertainment have recently sent a song by Micah Johnson, “Why Not Me”, and a recording Debussy‚Äôs piano masterpiece “Clair de Lune”, to the International Space Station.

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