Leading DAO for NFTs and Play2Earn Gaming Astra Guild Ventures Launches on Various Leading IDO Platforms

Astra Guild Ventures, a DAO that is well-established and ready to revolutionize the world of NFTs as well as play-to-earn gaming, is an established DAO. Recently, the project partnered with several of the top IDO platforms in the industry to launch its first decentralized exchange offerings. AGV launched its IDO via CopperLaunch YellowRoad LunaPad, Playpad and MultiPad.

Users will be able to use the IDO launch as a simplified way to access secure trading platform support. It also offers an opportunity for different blockchain communities and investors in Astra Guild Ventures.

AGV will soon launch its DAO Governance Board. This will allow AGV holders to vote on changes to the DAO’s rules. AGV is the first NFT gaming guild in the crypto- and blockchain industry to launch a fully decentralized platform. The project has launched its first DEX offerings via various launchpads. Now, it is working towards creating an entirely decentralized network to promote and support blockchain technology.

Play2Earn Gaming Projects: Redefining the Future

Play-to-earn and blockchain-based gaming are becoming more popular. They have attracted the attention of digital creators and crypto investors. You are probably too busy to understand the concept of NFTs, or play the P2E game. While players may be fully engaged in the NFT space, they might not have the financial resources to purchase any assets. AGV is a great idea that bridges investors and players. It provides solutions for both sides, resulting in a win/win situation.

Astra Guild Ventures is a game-changing Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that revolves around nonfungible tokens, Play to earn games and other viable blockchain projects. AGV, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), is striving to build a community that encourages NFT investors and P2E gamers to maximize their earnings potentials in this space. AGV is one the most popular gaming guilds worldwide. This guild is the first to fully disclose its earnings via a dashboard and publicly accessible assets. With more than 2,000 Axie Infinity managers and scholars, the project is one the fastest-growing NFT Guilds.

According to the official statement, AGV’s just-concluded private sales round raised $3 million. It also secured $2.3 Million in seed funding. AGV has over 190,000. SLP per day and an average monthly income of $800,000.

Delta hub, Crowdcreate and Encrypted Investments are some of the strategic partners AGV has. AGV aims to be a highly valued DAO by 2022, capitalizing on increasing adoptions of NFT assets and blockchain-based games and other related projects. Astra Guild Ventures plans to capitalize on the $2Billion NFT market.

The whitepaper has been made available to the public and is being used as a marketing tool. AGV is a transparent virtual economy that aims to unlock the full potential of NFT Play2Earn.

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