Leading Indian Newspaper Commemorating Historical Covers With NFT Collection

The NFTs or “HT Timeless Tokens” will include digitized versions original creatives based upon historical events published in the Hindustan Times.

Digitalization of Iconic Moments in HT

Yesterday’s announcement was made by Hindustan Times (HT), India’s most prominent English-language newspaper. To commemorate the Indian Republic Day, HT launched a series of NFTs on January 26, 2022 to celebrate iconic moments in its nearly 100-year-old history. Every NFT includes exclusive digital artworks that are available in cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. An NFT is a digital token linked to a digital item such as artwork, documents or audio or video files. The blockchain records the ownership of the item and can’t be altered. NFTs are typically purchased using cryptocurrency, but HTTimeless Tokens can also be bought using traditional currency and cryptocurrency from the NFT marketplace and platform Beyond Life.

HT referred in the announcement to the collection under the name –

Collectors and enthusiasts have a rare chance to own a piece of India’s glorious history through the lens Hindustan Times.

This NFT collection includes many iconic HT covers. One of these covers is the legendary cover story about the successful launch and subsequent destruction of the first missile. The HT cover of India’s 1983 World Cup victory is another. However, the first NFT in this collection features the HT page of India’s first ever Republic Day.

BeyondLife Chosen As NFT Launchpad

GuardianLink.io powers the BeyondLife marketplace which supports the HT Timeless Tokens. Kamesh Elangovan (its COO and Co-Founder) commented on the partnership between BeyondLife & Hindustan Times.

New opportunities will be opened in the Web3 space with industries such as tech, finance and music moving into the crypto/NFT environment. GuardianLink.io’s secondary market for NFTs will attract more collectors who are interested in the future monetization and management of their NFTs. This partnership with Hindustan Times provides another avenue for exploring the world of NFTs within the media and marketing industries.

BeyondLife has been releasing notable collections in the world of digital tokens. This marketplace has already launched two notable collections: the NFT exclusive limited edition collection by Amitabh Bchan and Stan Lee, Marvel creator’s NFT set known as the “Chakraverse”.

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