LeBron James Makes NFT Debut With Crypto.com

Crypto.com announced that a special collection of NFTs featuring LeBron James, the LA Lakers’ legend, has been airdropped to 5,500 randomly chosen fans.

Quick Fans Win NFTs

Fans who received NFTs were able to scan the QR code hidden in the Super Bowl advertisement for Crypto.com with LeBron James. The collection, called “The Moment of Truth”, features instant snapshots of behind the scenes moments from the Super Bowl commercial. It includes 15 NFTs in three levels and different editions.

Crypto.com tweeted the announcement of its launch

“Introducing “The Moment of Truth”, NFT Collection featuring LeBron. Airdropping to a random group of sleuths that found the QR code hidden in our Big Game Spot.

Fans who were able to spot the QR code on the TV commercial and were quick enough to scan it were redirected onto a secret website where they signed up to the Crypto.com NFT platform. This resulted in 5,500 randomly selected fans receiving a free NFT.

LeBron x Crypto.com To Educate Kids

LeBron already has a partnership with Crypto.com. This partnership was announced in January 2022. The partnership aims to increase awareness of digital assets and allow students to learn cryptocurrency through the “I Promise”, which was created by the LeBron James Family Foundation in 2015.

LeBron stated,

“I want to make sure that communities like mine are not forgotten. Crypto.com and me are in agreement on the need for education and support of my community. I look forward to working with them in order to bring these opportunities into my community.

The LJFF will receive all proceeds from the secondary market sale of these NFTs.

The Story Behind the Commercial

LeBron was 18 years old when he had to make a decision between the NBA or college. The NFTs’ commercial is the direct inspiration. Ben Lay, Crypto.com’s Creative Director, spoke out about the decision to show the ad in this moment.

“We wanted to immortalize the very human story of making big decisions. The storyboard was a personal piece of his life, so we were nervous about presenting it to him. He loved the idea immediately. LeBron James is an icon. But his story and upbringing are what make this story so powerful.

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