McDonald’s China Releases Its First-Ever ‘Big Mac’ NFT

McDonalds China, the Chinese subsidiary of the American multinational fast-food company, was established in 1940. It has now announced its first-ever NFT, called the “Big Mac Cube”. This NFT is named after McDonalds famous sandwich. The press release states that McDonalds China will also open its new headquarters in Shanghai. This design inspired the creation the NFT art. The Big Mac Cube is a “three-dimensional digital creative work inspired brand spirit of McDonalds” and the shape of McDonalds new headquarters. It draws inspiration from the structure, which itself has a design that uses the companys trademark colors of red, orange, yellow.

Zhang Jiaying, McDonalds China CEO, shares that McDonalds is a trendy and young brand that pays attention to fashion trends as well as cutting-edge technology.

According to the press release, these NFTs were also created by the fast-food company based on five company values: service, tolerance and integrity, community and family, as well as three keywords: technology, love, and trend. The NFTs keywords and values prompts were created to create eight 3-D scenes and a new structure for the headquarter. This creates a “big no.”

“McDonalds Chinas headquarters building is a new development for McDonalds China. Milestones. “At this special moment we use the form NFT to share McDonalds innovation digitalization and trend art with consumers and employees.” Jiaying explains about the inspiration behind NFTs.

McDonalds is making its first foray into NFTs. This follows other fast-food chains and franchises getting into the NFT game. Sweet, an NFT platform, launched Burger Kings NFT campaign. QR codes appeared on more than six million of its meal boxes. The QR codes unlock digital collectibles that can be used to unlock bonus NFTs.

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