Metashoes Are Here: The Era of Fashion NFTs

The future of sneakers is digitally!

Space Runners has solid backing and a partnership with NBA Superstar Kyle Kuzma. Space Runners will soon announce more celebrity partnerships.

Space Runners, the first online sneaker brand, is exploring NFT footwear and hand-crafted NFT shoes. Space Runners is a reflection of the evolution in how we can look different online in metaverses, games, social media and other digital worlds. It was created by fashion-forward designers working with celebrities and businesses. The Solana Blockchain will keep these eternal pairs safe so that they never lose their style.

Space Runners is determined to be the footwear of the future with all this goodness. They partner with authentic brands and offer NFT AS A SERVICE, especially for brands who wish to break into the NFT space like Dolce and Gabbana and Balenciaga.

They will host many collections under one brand, each with its unique concept and collaborators. An initial valuation of the company was $30 million.

Vans and Adidas are likely to be part of this community in the future, releasing their own Space Runners collections. They will first be selling the Broken Shoe.

A little bit about the Broken Shoe

This batch and this project are based on the contributions of NBA players. Kyle Kuzma was the first to sign as an official collaborator. Space Runners will sign additional players before the release. They will customize the agreed number NFT designs for each player while signing a player (or a celebrity).

The following are key statistics

Built on the Solana Blockchain

Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Mint Pricing: 5 Solana

Loyalty Rewards for buyers who purchased during the presale period. They receive a 0.5% commission each time their NFTs trade in the secondary market.

Space Runners: What does the future look like?

Collaboration with (1) Fashion Designers and (2) Celebrities is our primary goal. (3) Fashion Houses are also welcome.

Space Runners hopes to help fashion businesses and artists enter the NFT market by providing a simple and secure blockchain infrastructure. Celebrities will be a key part of the creation of a digital fashion trend within the ecosystem.

Space Runners can be traded on the site marketplace, while users still have access to NFT capabilities. These unique Space Runners can be worn in virtual worlds like games, metaverses, or social media platforms. They will collaborate with NFT platforms and other collections in order to create virtual characters that can be used by Runners.

A new interface for augmented reality is being developed. This will allow users to wear their NFTs simply by scanning a QR code using their smartphones. They will be able use cameras to take photos and film videos that they can share online with their friends.

The team will also look into how to make them Instagram and Snapchat filters, which can be shared easily and keep them trending.

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