MoonBoat AMA | The NFT Waves Base on New Public Chain

“Moon Boat” is an AMA column jointly launched in partnership by ADAMoracle & SHENGSHI Capital. It is intended to highlight industry hot topics. Each event will be focused on the most important topics and projects in blockchain. There will also be a Joint Airdrop bonus!

Panel 1 featured Near Protocol, Uniarts, and ADAMoracle who spoke about “The NFT waves based on the New Public Chain”

Here is the content for MoonBoat panel1

Q1: Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us about your project.


Hello, I’m Iota. I am an NFT marketer and Community builder with NEAR Asia. I am glad to be here, and to take a quick look at the NEAR NFT Ecosystem. I am also thrilled to share TENK the PFP NFT Project Launcher that we created on the NEAR.

NEAR is a layer one,developer-friendly, POS, public blockchain blockchain with a trustless bridge to Ethereum. Its strength lies in its focus on UX, which makes web3 decentralization available to the next billion web2 users.

NEAR is simple, secure and scalable and ready for mass adoption.

NEAR aims to have 1 Billion people join the chain by 5 years. NEAR is ideal for creating a new economy on NFT’s thanks to its low gas costs and quick transactions.

NEAR has two NFT marketplaces:, and Mintbase is running on Ethereum since 2018. Mintbase needed a different solution due to high gas costs and the environmental impact. On 18 May 2021, the platform was moved to NEAR. Minbase allows creators to own smart contracts. They have opened stores for thousands of artists and organisations, including deadmau5. Minbase js API allows web2 developers to create their own nft storefronts. Mintbase on NEAR was designed to scale for real-world applications such as ticketing, loyalty program, promotional collectables and other everyday uses.

Paras is an NFT marketplace that focuses on Digital Collectibles. These digital art cards were inspired by real trading cards from the 1980s. Paras will be releasing collections, unlike other marketplaces. This is to appeal not only to crypto collectors, but also traditional trading card collectors. Paras celebrated its first anniversary with 1:1 online auctions


Hi, everybody! I’m Michael Clare, a Bahamas-based Global Strategy Officer for ADAMoracle. I also work as an economist at the Bahamas Ministry of Finance and as an ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council. I would be happy to talk with you about any topic today.

ADAMoracle, the first industry-wide decentralized oracle, adopts the “wide area node price feed” method. This involves adding large numbers of diverse servers to serve as computing nodes or storage nodes. It also replaces traditional oracles by the Turing mechanism and aiming for continuous technological innovation. ADAMoracle laboratory also has been focusing on the development of NFTs and public chains. This helps to create a secure, reliable, accurate, and self-managing decentralized oracle network.


UniArts is an exhibition and IDO platform for NFTs that focuses on value discovery. To better connect fine art NFTs and the community by providing NFT voting incentives, DAO curating, and artworks NFT gambling features. UniArts can be described with one word: ArtFi. ArtFi is UniArts’ innovative answer to Fine Art NFTs.

Art-Fi:UniArts lets community members with UARTs and wETHs vote for any NFT artwork they wish to see on the platform. Both the art lover as well as the artist benefit from voting. They are issued new UART tokens and wETHs at each vote. The UART token is also converted into NFT at the end of the vote, depending on how many votes it received. The UART can be taken out by the winner of the NFT auction and sold. In theory, an NFT’s value should not exceed the UART’s value.

The NFT purchased on UniArt’s Impossible Art Formula Gallery can also be used to make cards in the “ARTVERSUS” NFT Game. This game will begin around Q1 2022.

Q2: L2 and the new public chain, Near?/BSC?/Polkadot have ignited a new wave of enthusiasm on the market in this year’s market. Under the fierce competition among major public chains/L2, why did you choose Near?/BSC?/Polkadot…. ?


$NEAR is an L1 carbon neutral blockchain that uses low gas fees and speeds transactions. NFT splits and royalties are implemented at the standards level, which means that they work across all markets.

$NEAR provides an L2 experience via, an EVM that runs on top of NEAR and is compatible with ETH as the base token. Solidity developers only need to reconfigure, deploy and migrate to migrate. Not one line of code. UX is a key component in onboarding people who have never used crypto before. Each account will get a human-readable name by default (.near rather than.eth).

Over 100 DAOs are available in the NEAR ecosystem where you can earn cryptocurrency with your skills. There are many ways for creatives to get involved, beyond selling NFTs. NEAR scaling tech is unparalleled. Nightshade sharding works in the same way as a blockchain virtual machine that runs on a rendering farm, rather than a single GPU (which was Solanas’ approach). Web3 dApps are ready to be adopted by the next billion users who migrate from web2 with a 1 second block time.


The current outbreaks of Defi and NFT, Metaverse, and other ecosystems, places greater demands on the performance of blockchain. The Ethereum 2.0 plan must be proposed by Ethereum due to its high performance and high GAS fee. However, it is extremely difficult to change the Ethereum mechanism and is causing an explosion.

Smart contracts are rapidly evolving, and there have been many new public chains developed over a long period of time. The new track of public chains is dominated by competitors who are trying to solve problems like decentralization and security. It is fiercely contested. Representatives from new public chains like NEAR, Solana and Polygon say that the performance of many public chain has not fallen below or exceeded what Ethereum 2.0 can achieve. They are creating their own networks. This innovation and differentiation is the driving force of the entire industry. New public chains will be activated, and ADAMAoracle can assist these chains in interfacing data.


ETH is the network that has the most art NFTs. UniArts’ main tone is art. The GAS fee for ETH is too high. We chose Polygon to make sure that there is a better art sink and that the GAS fees are not too high. BSC’s gas fee is very low. And, more importantly, there are many NFT project parties as well as game project parties. We have a major strategic way to work with these project partners and do the first value distribution of NFT. So we will choose Polygon or BSC.

Q3. Is NFT a trend in the near-term or a long-term direction of development? What is the purpose of the NFT track?


It will continue. NFTs allow creators to innovate and democratize their content. It’s here to stay.

NFA&DYOR! Crypto is unpredictable and unpredicted. However, you can still find high-quality data at, and opensea. Pessimistic, but not terrible: According to Gartner’s hype cycle, NFT Art appears to have reached the peak of overinflated expectations. The dip will be followed by a plateau of productivity.

Optimist: NFT has a lot to offer traditional fine art buyers. NFT doesn’t have to be kept in a temperature controlled warehouse protected by guards. The potential growth opportunity is huge, especially when you consider the estimated $60 billion global art market.


Combining ADAMoracle with NFT allows for real-time monitoring of NFT smart contracts and data interaction. The ADAMoracle can be used by developers to secure connect NFT to data, web API and other data providers. This will further enhance the NFT ecosystem’s prosperity.

NFT can be created by project parties. The ADAMoracle allows them to import real assets like land or artworks from chain quickly. This increases the dynamic link between NFT with the real world and NFT so that NFT’s true value slowly approaches. NFT liquidity can be increased by anyone buying and selling it at affordable prices.


UniArts will continue to use NFT as a long-term development strategy. Many of these projects have been using blockchain technology for years and have an extensive pool of creative people capital, collectors, and loyal audiences. At the same time, content creators are increasingly discovering the potential to monetise their creativity. Influencers and key figures in relevant fields are beginning to recognize the benefits of NFT and blockchain technology. This area has been a hot topic for years. NonFungible reports that between 100-20,000 people are interested each week in purchasing NFT. Projects based on original and beautiful ideas continue to be created, opening up new opportunities for the irreplaceable token technology.

Q4. What are the benefits of your own projects and how can they be improved? What can you do to stand out from the crowd?


TENK is an open-source profile picture project launcher for NEAR. It allows you to create art.

Generation scripts, smart contracts, and the web front end are all available from TENK. TENK also offers marketing

Support and playbooks. Marketing is key to a project’s success.

Artists who create projects on NEAR can access an ecosystem of more than 100 active members

DAOs. Artists have many options for gamefi or dApp partnerships.

Through these strategic partnerships, TENK assists artists to add utility to NFTs.

NEAR Misfits was TENK’s first project. Within 24 hours, it was gone. It was sold out in 24 hours.

We have many artists who are interested in working with our company and would love to meet them.

New artists.


ADAMoracle was the first project to feed the price via wide-area nodes in the oracle industry. It supports multi-chain operation. It is an Oracle 3.0 representative. It achieves true centralization and eliminates opaqueness and non-transparency in oracle products on the market.

ADAMoracle has developed a risk management model that can be seen in the price feed of the oracle machine.

ADAMoracle will begin calculations to perform large-scale data screening. First, we screen for the most compatible nodes and send message requests. The request is sent to the exchange or obtained from the Internet.

ADAMoracle chooses the node that has the most accurate price feed data via the aggregation agreement to complete the price feed service.

ADAMoracle is a more powerful oracle product than other products. It can build a large-scale, wide-area network of nodes with thousands of servers and can filter out certain price-feeding nodes from the price-feeding service. This can effectively eliminate the problem of one data source. However, more nodes means that the cost of attacking an oracle system is higher. The wide-area node network mechanism of the system can solve data security problems and reduce data usage.

ADAMoracle’s wide-area node mechanism provides greater access to the price feed for more people. It creates an oracle where everyone can participate as long as they have a standard-performance hardware server that can join the wide area node network.


UniArts’ core concept of ART-Fi is to connect and connect art NFTs with the community, and apply social attributes.

We know that NFTs can be collected and are highly valuable as they are backed with Community Consensus. Crypto Arts, however, lacks this feature due its 2-point interaction between seller-buyer (one-on-one) After someone has purchased an NFT, it is not possible to display one’s collection in a Crypto-native situation.

UniArt allows anyone to become a curator and display their collection in the best part of our gallery. The community can also vote for these NFTs and enjoy the appreciation of these NFTs. UniArts’ features are available to both collectors and artistes.

Everybody who votes for NFTs will also receive a souvenir NFT with a smaller version the metadata of their NFT voted Embedded into.

Q5: The economic model is crucial for every project and is the biggest concern for investors. Please describe the economic model for the project.


NEAR implements royalties at the protocol level. They are respected in all NFT markets. NFT standards on NEAR also include splits. We split the initial sale and royalties for TENK. The split is determined per project. The project can operate as a self-service and may use our open-source tools without having to give anything back. It is nice to see them give back. This helps us finance new features and improve our products.


ADAM total issuance is 100 million. Distribution: Wide-area node mining 60%; private sale 13%; liquidity mining 9%; community contributor rewards 5%; initial circulation 3%; community/market operation 5% and 5% respectively.

The economic model of ADAM shows that the node in the middle of token production is the node, and the node the center for operating the entire oracle. ADAMoracle aims to create a decentralized governance system. Because nodes are builders and participants as well as project parties, only a few ADAM shares are held by investment institutions and project parties. This will make ADAM more easily available.

The wide-area server’s contribution value is determined by the server space capacity, quotation accuracy and node pledge amount. The pledge amount will decrease when the network has reached a certain computing capacity. The first phase of wide area node mining produced only 12 million ADAM and the network’s computing power was limited to 200 PIB. Even with 3 million ADAM in circulation, ADAM can still be used to participate the pledge for early node mining. The mining yield will remain relatively stable over a short time.


Simply put, stake UARTs and vote NFTs. To increase the number of UARTs, stake even more UARTs in order to bid for a curatorial job to display one’s NFT collection.

The very nature UART is an abstractive unit for human favour for artworks NFTs within the network. Remember that a mobile app or song may ask you to rate it from 1-5 stars. That is an abstractive unit in your favour within that system.

Voting by staking UART to a specific NFT for a certain NFT generates gallery traffic as well as asset transfer from the wallet of the UART owner to the staking pool. UniArts recognizes that UARTs have no costs and that voting is recorded in the blockchain. The value of NFTs voted increases when multiple people repeat the staking and vote process.

There are approximately 100 million UARTs, and about 60% of them will be mined through voting. 20 percent of UARTs belonging to early investors will become available within 5 quarters following TGE. You can find more information here.

Q6: What’s the current focus of the development? Are there any developments in the near future What are your future plans?


NEAR Tiger Academy is the next NFT project TENK helped, and it dropped December 18th! RAWR NEAR Tiger Academy, a Profile Picture Project (PFP) NFT Avatar project, embraces a

There are many professions and lifestyles. This collection includes 2,000 NFTs that were algorithmically generated. The NFT project has been associated with EnDAOment, which will invest in promising students in blockchain research and distribute the profits to Tiger owners.

CODAME ART+TECH Festival will soon announce its 2022 theme. It is about the authenticity and rawness that we encounter in the crypto space. We are always open to meeting new partners, volunteers, sponsors, and artists. Paras has started to integrate their token in the site. It can be used to verify artists or vote for features. We have learned to not ask Mintbase when a token will be launched.

Thank you ADAMoracle, for hosting and happy meeting everyone. The future is NEAR!


ADAMoracle continues to focus on the development wide-area nodes. The wide-area network of nodes was launched not long ago. It attracted a lot of miners to join. Within a matter of a month, the network’s computing power has exceeded 63,000 TIB and the number ADAM pledges is greater than 1.9 million. The pledged nodes are from many regions and countries around the globe, including the Middle East, Europe and Asia. To create an Oracle 3.0 network, we will continue to support the creation of a global wide area node network.

We are at a point of rapid development. Continuous expansion of the ecosystem is an important mission for ADAMoracle. The three roles of the oracle are data provider, node computing provider and data service user. These three roles are essential. Once the oracle network has been stabilized, it is possible to attract more customers and empower the ecosystem in the long-term.

We will invest additional funds to create an investment foundation and assist in the incubation and growth of projects based upon the oracle ecosystem. Additionally, we will guide projects in some the most popular areas in encryption such as the development of Metaverse and GameFi and other blockchain infrastructure. ADAMoracle Foundation will provide guidance to blockchain founders on how to launch, expand and offer services for oracles.


These are the grants we have received:Web3 Foundation Grants; UniScan NFT Explorer;- SR25519, Ruby Substate Client; Polygon Grants; The Impossible Art Fromula Gallery. We have an estimated 70,000 people on all our social media platforms, including Instagram, Telegram and Twitter. We have also planned numerous marketing campaigns and mutual diversions, and many have started to use our gallery since its launch.

UniArts’ NFT explorer Uniscan will display the most popular NFTs across multiple networks. It is currently at milestone 2. It could be used as a traffic entry for NFTs. UniArts might use it to direct more users towards its ecosystem and gallery. We are excited to launch our NFT Game “ARTVERSUS”, which makes Serious Art Interesting.

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