Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and laCollection Launch Second NFT Collection of Rarely Seen French Impressionist Pastels

BOSTON — The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) is launching its second NFT collection of rare French pastels from 19th century artists, in partnership with laCollection. These pastels include works by Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Jean Francois Millet. LaCollection will give away a free mintt of Degas’ painting Racehorses at Longchamp (which may have been reworked in 1874), prior to the February drop. This offer is available from January 5-30 2023. The freemint collectors will have access to discounted prices during the presale of the digital collectible collections. They also have the chance to win tickets for the Museum, discounts at MFA Bookstore and Shop, and a behind-the scenes tour of the Museum’s imaging lab.

To see how artworks can be digitized and to purchase tickets for a Frieze art show.

Freemint’s January 5 release coincides with the Samsung x laCollection TV App announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Samsung’s NFT hub’s laCollection’s fine arts app – a TV-based NFT market aggregator and explorer–will allow collectors access to digital collectibles from the MFA’s collection, and will let them browse, buy and display them on their TVs.

The NFT collection, which will be available for purchase in February, is based upon 11 artworks taken from the MFA’s holdings including:

– View of Sunset at the Sea (about 1862), a scene that Monet may have presented at the Impressionist Exhibition in Paris in 1874.

– Five pastels from Millet, including Dandelions (1867-1868) and Farmyard By Moonlight (1868).

– The famous Degas representation of ballerinas, Dancers in Rose (circa 1900).

The MFA’s partnership project with laCollection is an innovative pilot project that uses new technology to bring the Museum’s seldom exhibited pastels to life for new generations of collectors and art lovers. The Museum and laCollection issued NFTs for 12 pastels in editions ranging from 30 to 50. Nearly 250 were sold. The proceeds of the sale will be used to support conservators at MFA who study and treat two Degas paintings: Edmondo and Therese Morbilli, a double portrait by Degas (about 1865), and Degas’s Father listening to Lorenzo Pagans playing the guitar (about 1869-72).

Eric Woods, Chief Operating officer at the MFA

“We are excited to continue our partnership and start the second phase of sharing treasures from the vault. We were blown away by Phase 1. It generated far-reaching engagement and thousands of participants from over 200 countries. We were able to support the care and maintenance of our collection. We continue to explore new ways of offering NFTs, with the hope of expanding our reach and opening up new avenues for our collection. We hope that art lovers all over the world will begin their digital collections using the MFA Freemint.

Jean-Sebastien Beaucamps is the CEO and Co-Founder of laCollection.

“LaCollection is delighted to continue its partnership with one the largest museums in the globe. Web3 has proved that it is possible for museums to share their extraordinary collections with a worldwide audience. MFA fans will have the opportunity to see other Impressionist pastels in the second collection. This is a new way to collect artworks that has changed the course and trajectory of art history.


Pauline Tremsal, laCollection: [email protected]

Karen Frascona, MFA: [email protected]

About laCollection

laCollection gives collectors the opportunity to experience, discover and own unique art on the blockchain, from some of the most renowned museums and top digital artists. Every NFT is authenticated and approved by the museum, gallery, or artist. Then it is secured on the Blockchain. The blockchain will allow collectors to create cross-museum digital art galleries, creating a new community with people who share a passion for innovation and art. laCollection joined hands with, a sustainable forestry tech company, to launch a 60-year, nature-based climate-positive program. Green Element is a B-Corp climate audit firm that offers net-zero carbon footprints.

Solutions for major international brands in accordance with the STBi criteria, Science Target Based Initiative (UN).

About the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The MFA connects many worlds through art. Our renowned collection, which includes nearly 500,000 pieces, tells a multifaceted tale of human experience. It features masterpieces from ancient and modern. This story has a unique meaning for everyone. Visitors from all over the world visit the MFA, including Boston residents and international tourists. Through both art and audience, the Museum brings together diverse perspectives–revealing connections, exploring differences, creating a community where all belong. Visit to plan your visit.

Claude Monet, View of the Sea At Sunset, 1862

Pastel on paper, 15.3×40 cm

In memory of Anne Dehon Blake, William P. Blake bequest

(c) Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Odilon Redon Large Green Vase with Mixed Flowers 1910-12

Pastel on paper, 74.3×62.2 cm

John T. Spaulding’s Bequest

(c) Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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