Mytheria: The First Create-To-Earn NFT Game Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

NFTs are the kings of the gaming industry. NFT gaming has seen several platforms rightly adopted. NFT is growing at an incredible pace. The industry is getting huge appraisals.

Mytheria is a highly innovative idea that has revolutionized the concept for a better gaming environment.

Mytheria-The Introduction

Mytheria, the first-of its-kind create-to earn and play-to earn NFT games, presents a wild and violent fantasy world. It is a multi-cultural, blockchain-based mythical game that features Gods from many mythologies and beliefs competing for honor and prestige.

This major battle between the Gods is happening for a reason. They consider their glory, their honor, to be the most important and significant matter on earth.

Mytheria is where gamers will find many of the most legendary Gods, including the invincible Thor, the powerful Zeus, and other aggressive Gods like Odin and Wukong.

These Gods battle within the game, displaying some of their most inviolable abilities to win the final victory.

Given the number of powerful gameplay characters available, it is likely that players will wonder if it is possible to emerge as strong players and leave their adversaries behind with their uncontrollable enthusiasm.

Mytheria is a great option for those who are inclined to be intemperately violent or mind-blowingly violent.

Important Elements of the Game

Mytheria, unlike other boring games is exciting because it features some of the most powerful characters and Gods on the battlefield. The game’s major components include:

A new generation of powerful Pantheons

You will encounter 5 Pantheons in the initial version of the game. Future updates to the game will bring forth the hope that the Mytheria world will expand and welcome more Pantheons and Gods.

All 5 Pantheons are made up of many characters, heroes and Gods. However, gamers can go to the GodForge Workshop to vote for their favorite God.

This artist community creates Gods that gamers want so they can enjoy the game with their characters.

The Wild Battlefield

Mytheria is a game that boasts a unique and barbaric battlefield. Two towers are available per lane. Gamers must protect them from their enemies.

The winner of the game is the team that can take down at least two towers. Mytheria works on the Round System and players get to benefit from the preparatory stage before entering the actual bloodshed field.

Create an Indestructible Army

Mytheria is the main focus of the game, with the Gods being the primary focus. All Gods have different backgrounds, physiques, and strengths. Gamers have the ability to customize their Deck according to their preferences, with the Gods being of major importance in the Deck.

Gamers who can successfully consume Mytheria shards are able to strengthen God, the only card. Gamers who are successful at this feat receive additional powers. One strategy that works is balance of power.

The Marketplace

Mytheria has a large and varied marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to meet. Mytheria is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet.

Both these activities can be used to earn MYRA, which can then be exchanged for cash. This is the most important NFT development in Blockchain technology.

* Play-to Earn

There are many modes to choose from, with PVE the most basic. There’s also PVP, which is a competitive mode that allows players to show off their skills to other players. The top players get a huge reward at the end.

* How to Create-to-Earn

Mytheria is not a game. It is a platform that encourages emerging artists to make their work at the highest quality and desired rates.

Team and Investors

KardiaChain is the first decentralized, interoperable and self-optimized Blockchain designed for accessibility and scaling for millions of users. It recently began funding new blockchain games. It does so to expand its ecosystem. The same goes for Mytheria.

Le Manh Cuong founded KEIG Studio. This game is entertaining and effective because the CEO has 10 years of experience working with Marvel and DOTA2 projects.

All contributors are welcome to participate in this game. More information about IDO is still to be provided!

The bottom line

Mytheria is one of the most exciting additions to the current market of blockchain-based games. It shows well-designed graphics and gameplay.

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