New Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Collection Highlights The Opportunities For Female NFT Artists

Artists who are open to exploring the non-fungible token market can be part of interesting projects. Mig, a former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist, is responsible for the Sneaky Vampires Syndicate’s second collection, which was one of the most successful NFT projects. Female artists who are willing to try their hand in the industry will also be given a spotlight.

An opportunity for female NFT artists

NFT collections assume that the artist is male. Although the situation may be different for smaller pieces and collections, it is consistent for large projects. This is a fascinating aspect of an industry that is all-inclusive, regardless of race or gender, location or any other factors.

This industry is just as important for female artists as it is for their male counterparts. They can even help to create larger collections. Yet, few people pay much attention to their involvement. Sneaky Vampires Syndicate hopes to change this narrative by highlighting the female artists who are exploring NFTs. Eight female artists also created the unique 1-of-1 NFTs for this second SVS collection.

It is a powerful signal to improve female representation and inclusion in the NFT industry. This effort is led by Mig, a former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist who helped to establish the first SVS collection with 8,888 male vampires. The Lair will be expanded with 12 345 female vampires, which will provide new utility mechanisms for the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate ecosystem.

Anyone can become the female version Mig, an artist who is well-known for her passion and determination. It’s about striking a chord when creating art. A collection can be very different from what a male artist would make, for instance, if it is created with a feminine touch. It is important to see NFT collections that are not only theoretically valuable but also useful for female-insured women.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Utility

The initial SVS collection was a huge success. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate has over 217,000 ETH in total trading volume, and introduced NFT staking utility that yields $BLOOD tokens. These tokens will be available after the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s Sneaky Vampiress Collection is released. Holders of male or female vampires can breed Gen-2 TFTs by spending $BLOOD.

This breeding process is called “Blood Pact” in order to increase the utility of Gen-1 NFTs, which are under the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate banner. Holders will now have an additional incentive to stake their NFTs in order to earn $BLOOD tokens. The token can be used to get up to 50% off the Sneaky Vampiress collection. Through this second collection, all facets of SVS are gradually coming together.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Project Lead Thomas Kekker comments:

“The Genesis SVS NFTs proved to be a great success and we have not stopped pushing the pedal. We have been focused from the beginning on nurturing our community and creating a positive environment. We are confident that the Vampiresses’ release will allow us to continue our ecosystem’s growth in the right direction.

Holders of the 8,888 SVSNFTs and members of large and women-led communities will mint the 12,345 Sneaky Vampiresses. SVS holders will be able to mint their Vampiress from February 21st, 3 PM ET, through February 22nd at 3:00 ET. Public minting begins on February 22nd at 4 pm ET and continues until February 28th when Sneaky Vampiresses are revealed.

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