NewTribe Capital’s Strategic Investment Portfolio brings aboard SpaceY 2025 — An NFT 3-A Level Blockchain Game

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 01, 2021

NewTribe Capital is a Middle East-based Venture Capital fund. It now has the 3-A Level NFT sandbox tower defense Blockchain game SpaceY 2025, which was created by Blockfish Inc.

Global Portfolio and Partnerships

NewTribe Capital is an investment portfolio that will appeal to crypto-minded investors who believe capital markets should evolve towards more decentralised, accessible models.

Portfolio investments include more than 80 with an average ROI (assets under management) of 23X and more USD100M+ AUM. Launchpool, Fractal, Fractal, and Solrazr are just a few of the portfolio investments.

NewTribe Capital offers advisory, resourcing and legal support. It also has a network VC partners, media partners, and global influencers. A195 Capital and Draper Dragon are VC partners. CSP DAO, Titan Ventures, and many others.

NTC provides a bridge between investors looking to get involved in mining, and the DeFi ecosystem. NTC hosts and manages over $5M worth mining devices, giving their clients more than 20% monthly ROI.

Another extraordinary addition

Victor Olmo, partner in NewTribe Capital, today stated that he believes in backing unique projects that add value for the Blockchain network.

NewTribe Capital’s principle is to Invest in People and Invest In Technology. SpaceY 2025 has been added to our investment portfolio. This means that once again we view a partnership with a company as more than a deal.

Non-fungible token (NFT), that stands out from others

SpaceY 2025, an exciting project with a core gameplay that is loved by over 6,000 KOLs worldwide and 120,000 followers around the globe, is an exciting one. This project has been funded with investments of over $15,000,000 by institutions like Draper Dragons and Huobi Ventures.

SpaceY 2025 goes beyond other Blockchain games like decentralisation and strategic gaming to include the following:

(1) Map

(2) rendering

(3) Modelling in relation to avatar numbers.

NewTribe Capital is also supported by an extensive video gaming background, including their CEO who has more than 20 years of experience in traditional video gaming development. We see this as an opportunity to bring on board another project we believe will deliver.

It is the only sandbox tower defense video game that is tied to NFT. This is why we recognize the uniqueness of this project and recommend joining our portfolio. Tower Defence combines mining and battling.

Learn More on Official Channels

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SpaceY 2025 Twitter: @spacey2025

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