NFT Artist Gal Yosef And Renowned Art Gallery Eden Gallery Team Up To Launch A New Breed of NFT Collection

The industry must explore new opportunities as the global interest in non-fungible tokens grows. Gal Yosef, a 3D NFT influencer has an interesting vision for NFTs. She also explains what NFTs should offer to investors. Eden Gallery, an internationally recognized art gallery, has supported the project.

Accredited Artists are Important

In the current NFT landscape, people can’t tell the difference between projects. At least not where creators are concerned. It doesn’t seem to matter if an artist has a track record. Those who wish to purchase these tokens non-fungible for speculative uses will not care. This is an expected growth pain in the novel industry. But the time is right to change that narrative.

Instead of focusing on “catching up with the next project,” accreditation should be the main focus. These accredited artists would be the industry’s central point, proving that NFTs are mature and ready to attract a wider audience than just those who are interested in cryptocurrency. Gal Yosef, a renowned 3D artist, and Eden Gallery are two examples of highlighting an accredited artist.

Gal Yosef has a long history in galleries. The artist behind Crypto Bulls Society is Gal Yosef. This collection generated over $50 million in primary sales, and sold out at market auctions. Gal also worked with Justin Bieber, DJ Steve Aoki and created a unique NFT that sold for $214,000 at Sotheby’s.

Why the Meta Eagle Club is Different

Gal Yosef, a leading figure in 3D NFT art, will launch a new series with Eden Gallery to help transform the industry. The Meta Eagle Club, the first installment in the Galyverse is a digital art universe that will include multiple collections over time. Meta Eagle Club, the Galyverse’s first instalment, will feature 12,000 stunning eagle avatars.

Gal Yosef added:

“I was looking for a character to portray a charismatic avatar but also someone warm and inspiring to others. Eagles are a symbol for freedom in many cultures. They also represent the brave and strong-willed. I was able to fly and reach new heights with 3D art by working on the feathers and wings.

The Meta Eagle Club collection does not only aim to find the right eagle avatar for its buyer, but also to help them discover their true love. It also serves a wider purpose. This includes access to exclusive gallery events, community building and an evolving artistic vision. Each Eagle avatar holder will be able to enjoy physical artwork through Eden Gallery and RNSNC’s cutting-edge NFT studio RNSNC, as well as VIP flights around the globe. In the coming weeks and months, more aviation-related experiences are expected to be revealed.

The Meta Eagle Club sale will take place soon. You can find more information about the project, the team and how to be whitelisted on the Galyverse website.

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