NFT Marketplace Mintverse Announces New Tracking System

Mintverse, a peer-to-peer marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), has just launched a new metadata tracking method. The system will be user-oriented, according to the announcement.

Mintverse and other NFT markets are able to fill the knowledge gaps created by increased interest in NFTs. This gap will be filled by the new tracking system, which encourages user interaction.

Mintverse has made several important changes. First, Mintverse has linked user wallets and provided an allowance to explore the marketplace from one interface. Significant improvements have been made to the user dashboard, which allows for a better end-user experience. Mintverse will provide information on NFT airdrops by different creators and a new NFT ranking system. New filters allow users to drill down on any information they need.

The GamesPad is a platform that allows you to support gaming projects, which have been very popular in recent years.

Mintverse is a marketplace that offers dual-chain transactions. Users can change their perceptions by interacting with the ecosystem.

The NFT Marketplaces have Shifted

NFT marketplaces have appeared in the web3 space since the rise in NFT interest across all industries. They cater to different user needs. While some marketplaces were focused on the entire NFT space, others focused more on specific niches. As the world tried to understand this “other” area of the web3, IT drove further interest in NFTs.

NFT marketplaces are helping to promote web3 technology adoption. NFTs have made fans out of skeptical people who initially had reservations about fungible tokens. Mintverse is one such marketplace that focuses on peer-to–peer trading, which is the ultimate form NFT sales. Because industry technologies are decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces can thrive. Mintverse takes this to the next level, allowing more user interaction and inclusion while remaining in the decentralized lane.

Mintverse attracted significant investment from Fenbushi Capital and A&T Capital as well as Mirana Ventures.

Mintverse has found several solutions to the problems of low asset exposure, high gas costs, insufficient inclusion for creators and asset illiquidity. Mintverse has access to a thriving Decentralized Autonomous Organization, sofi, game project incubation, acceleration, and a user-oriented group.

Growth is inevitable

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are growing as the web3 space grows. This is due to the single principle that determines which projects ultimately succeed: innovation. Rene Cao (Founder of Mintverse) spoke about this.

Mintverse will be a service to the BSC ecosystem, providing the largest and best-aggregated NFT database. BSC-based NFT projects, e.g. gaming projects, won’t need to create their own marketplace. Mintverse will instantly aggregate all NFT assets and create a version OpenSea for BSC NFTs.

Rene continued.

“Besides this, Mintverse already analyses more assets on ETH than OpenSea which is the largest NFT marketplace on the market. Mintverse will offer a 100% commission rebate to users to help create a decentralised platform. This is Web 3.0, which we believe to be the future.

Mintverse and web3 continue to gain acceptance. This allows everyone to join the fold seamlessly. That’s at least how the expected mass adoption for web3 technologies will happen.

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