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Dookey Dash Update

Yuga listened to players’ feedback and created an update that makes it easier to purchase multiple Powershart Packs. They responded to players’ feedback and created an update to allow them to sell multiple packs in one transaction. This will give them up to 8 hours boost time. The time runs immediately and does not pause. If you are making a large purchase, be prepared for a slow process.

Barnes and Noble publish Beeple’s first book.

Titled:Beeples: Everydays, The First 5000 Photographs

The price of the book is $65.00, plus shipping. However, you can use PREORDER25 to get a 25% discount. The first monograph by Barnes and Noble on digital artist Mike Winkelman (also known as Beeple) has been published. The book, “Beeple, Everydays: the First 5000 Image” is a compilation of Mike Winkelman’s first 5,000 digital creations every day. They range from sci-fi landscapes to pop-culture caricatures. The book includes an interview with the artist where he discusses his career and how he has gained fame.

Beeple was a worldwide phenomenon when Christie’s sold a digital copy of his work for over $69 million. This launched the NFT (non-fungible token) craze. You can purchase the book for $65.00 plus shipping.

The book can be viewed here.

Amazaon goes all in on NFTs

According to anonymous sources, Amazon plans to launch a digital assets enterprise in the coming months. The enterprise will focus on blockchain-based gaming, which rewards players with non-fungible tokens. It is possible that Amazon will use the Polygon blockchain to manage their NFTs. The Polygon blockchain saw an 8.8% increase in value yesterday.

Amazon’s entry into NFT is significant because it lends credibility to the industry and may lead to widespread adoption. There aren’t many details available about Amazon’s plans for NFTs. This initiative will likely be a rapid path to widespread adoption of NFTs.

Fidelity offers beta access to crypto assets to institutional investors, bringing institutional investment to the market

Fidelity now allows institutional investors to access beta access to crypto assets. Fidelity is a major player in the crypto investment market with assets of $9.9 trillion. This is a positive step in the long-term progress of institutional crypto investments. Fidelity also opened an early access listing for Ethereum and Bitcoin investments.

There are increasing concerns about crypto-exchange trust and reports of hackers, so the focus shifts to secure crypto custody services. Fidelity’s entry to the market will help to address these security concerns. It will also make it easier to trade crypto for millions of people already using Fidelity. Fidelity’s move could open up the possibility of NFT trading being made easier in the future.

Nike continues to struggle as it shifts its focus to its Web3 program

Nike may be in trouble as it struggles to keep up with the market’s changing demands. Although the Web3 program “.SWOOSH” isn’t new, it has gained momentum in recent years. The company has launched a grassroots, community-building strategy. It revolves around contests to design first-gen Nike digital sneakers in the “YourForce1” challenge. This is a great way to get their fans involved in technology and building, and not just to sell to them.

This shift in focus could have negative effects on RTFKT and its NFTs. CloneX was the primary reason RTFKT has enjoyed success over the past year. This shift in focus by Nike could have negative consequences for RTFKT as well as its NFTs.

Porsche Stumbles but doesnt fall

According to data from NFTScan, Porsche, a German luxury car manufacturer, had a non-fungible token collection (NFT). Its total sales volume was $4.5 million. With over 1,705 sales, the collection had a floor and high price of 2.74 ETH. The original plan was to produce 7,500 NFTs. However, some users complained about high prices and lackluster utility. Since then, the supply has been reduced to 2,363. Porsche announced that it would increase holder benefits to include behind the scenes access to Porsche’s world, co-creation Porsche’s future on Web3, exclusive physical capsule collections, and the chance to attend money can’t buy Porsche experiences. Patrick Vogel, a Hamburg-based 3D artist and designer, created the Porsche NFTs. They were unveiled for the first time at Art Basel Miami in December 2022.

Other Movers

DigiDaigaku’s collection of “Masked Villains”, which sold 1527 units, for a total 745 ETH. The average price per unit was 0.485 ETH. The “Sewer Pass”, collection sold 420 units at a total cost of 1,611 Ethereum, with an average selling price of 2.99ETH per unit. The “Memes by 6529”, collection sold 347 units, totalling 486 ETH. Each unit was worth 0.484994 ETH. Khuga Labs’ “Khuga”, which sold 3177 units, cost 151 ETH and had an average price per unit of 0.065 Ethereum.

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