NFTs go mainstream at Art Basel Miami Beach

Crypto art has become a legitimate art form due to the explosion of popularity of NFTs. Art fairs like the Art Basel provide an opportunity for creators and artists to show their art. They also offer a platform for them to sell their work.

The global art mega-fair Art Basel Miami (2-4 December) showcases some of the most iconic and exciting contemporary art. This years exhibition includes an opportunity for visitors to create their own NFTs.

German artist Mario Klingemann (known as Quasimondo) is behind an immersive installation that generates AI portraits for visitors to the exhibition. They will then be able mint NFTs from their digital artworks. This installation is part of the exhibition “Humans + Machines – NFTs and The Ever-Evolving World of Art”, which features work by several NFT artists, including Helena Sarin and Matt DesLauriers.

Klingemann spoke out about his installation.

He says that the one thing that I love about AI is the possibility to achieve results that you werent expecting or are out of your control. “There is a machine that you can interact with, its your counterpart, and it does some of the things you expect, but you also get the feeling that it doesnt do random stuff and that you have some control. The intermediate space is what I love.”

Klingemanns installation will use six screens equipped with cameras to capture participants and create a unique portrait. Klingemann and other climate-conscious cryptoartists are calling attention to the clean NFTs that run on Tezoss network.

Apart from the art exhibitions there will be a variety of talks led by panelists. These talks will explore cryptoart and its impact on the industry, including a panel discussion: Vectors For Future Art Ecosystems.

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