Nifty Gateway And Samsung Partnership To Develop World’s First Smart TV NFT Platform

Samsung is known for being at the forefront in innovation. It has announced the launch of the first ever Smart TV NFT Platform, in partnership with Nifty Gateway. NFT Marketplace owned by Gemini. Samsung will integrate the NFT marketplace into their new smart TVs.

This integration would allow users to enjoy Web 3.0 with Nifty Gateway already integrated in the Korean Company’s premium TV lineup of 2022.

Details of the Partnership

Samsung announced its partnership on March 30th with Nifty Gateway, an online art auction platform. This platform provides a variety of NFTs as well as digital artworks. The partnership will focus on the creation of the first Smart TV NFT platform. Samsung had teased the move earlier, revealing that its Smart TVs will support NFTs in 2022.

Samsung announced in a press release that its intuitive platform supports Nifty Gateway in all its new models in its 2022 NEOQLED and QLED ranges. Samsung is the first TV manufacturer to integrate an NFT platform in its TV range.

Nifty Gateway shared some details about the partnership.

Customers can browse, display and interact with NFTs seamlessly from their sofas using Samsung’s and Nifty gateway’s technology. Customers will also have access to over 6,000 art pieces by top emerging artists like Pak, Daniel Arsham, Pak and many others.

A shot in the arm for NFT Space

The partnership with Samsung could provide a significant boost to NFT’s growth. NFTs will be available to a large market through the integration with Samsung products. This could lead to an acceleration in technology adoption and development. Samsung is a global leader in tech for more than 15 years. They compete with the biggest companies in the world, making a variety of products, including high-end phones, laptops and TVs.

According to the company, it has sold more than 60 million smart TVs worldwide. The partnership with Nifty Gateway could be a significant boost in NFT adoption. Duncan Cook, co-founder of Nifty gateway, said that the entire Nifty Gateway team was delighted to work with Samsung. This will allow them to reach billions around the globe and encourage the adoption of NFTs.

“We are determined to make NFTs more accessible and NFT buying easier than ever before.”

He added,

We couldn’t be happier to work with Samsung to create a revolutionary NFT collecting experience. Their commitment to user experience and emphasis on high quality displays perfectly align with our vision of allowing anyone to interact with their favorite creators, wherever they are located.

OpenSea Loses Out

Nifty Gateway’s partnership between Samsung and OpenSea may have caused some industry observers to be confused. OpenSea is the market leader in NFT markets, NFT sales, and NFT marketing. Nifty Gateway, however, offers a wider range of services than OpenSea.

OpenSea, however, supports more than 150 payment tokens. Nifty Gateway, on the other hand, only supports fiat and tokens listed on Gemini.

Nifty Gateway also offers NFT Escrow Services, giving it a significant advantage against OpenSea. This allows users to secure store their NFTs within a Nifty Gateway Omnibus wallet. This is an important advantage that NFT collectors will find very useful. Nifty Gateway could have been chosen by Samsung over OpenSea due to the wide range of services offered by the latter, and possibly because OpenSea’s recent hacks and lawsuit.

Samsung’s Venture Into Crypto and The Metaverse

Samsung has been looking to expand its digital footprint and has been actively exploring NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse for some time. The company announced in August 2021 that it would join the Bank of Korea to help create a pilot platform for the Central Bank Digital Currency. Samsung joined the project in order to evaluate the viability CBDCs for its Galaxy smartphone range.

The company also unveiled a crypto-compatible wallet and announced the latest features of its flagship smartphone line. The event was held in the metaverse.

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