Nodle Joins Forces with Mystery Painter and AI Artist for Decentralization NFT Drop

Nodle will airdrop AI-generated NFTs based on the work of a secret artist to reward 10,000 wallets who commit the most DOTs to their Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan.

San Francisco, December 10, 20,21 — Nodle (one of the largest Decentralized Wireless (DeWi), ecosystems in the world) today announced a collaboration to create 10,000 AI-generated NFTs based on the Matrix movie’s blue pill and red pill. These NFTs will be awarded to the 10,000 most prolific contributors who have committed their Polkadot DOs to Nodle’s parachain slots auction and crowdloan. They are due on December 10. Contemporary painter who has a long history of exploring technology created the original art. The artist focuses on humanity’s relationship to machines and refines this view through residencies at top robotics firms and Fortune 50 technology companies. Romain Paulus, a leading AI researcher, took their art and created 10,000 unique pieces using automated algorithms. Click here to take part in Nodle’s decentralization vision, and possibly receive an exclusive NFT.

The mystery artist, who is based in NYC, stated that his paintings blur the analogy between the mechanical and digital realities we live in. He used fine art painting to express contemporary muses: robots, technology, and the human’s coexistence within an increasingly automated society. The Matrix, like all my mechanized stimuli changed the way I see computerized aesthetics in the world. These visual cues were combined with Nodle’s determination to decentralize Web3.0 ownership. The Matrix then produced optical randomness at NFT mechanism’s behest. This is the kind of ecotonal exploration which fuels my work.

While the painter’s art formed the style for the NFTs, AI researcher and artist Romain Paulus put the visuals through multiple treatments–including proprietary algorithms and code structure–to mint 10,000 fully distinct finished works. The base images include red and blue pills, as well as Web 3.0 keywords. Paulus processed the elements using an automated script that combines rule-based manual transfers with AI styling. The first AI style transfer was used to position the base images in a distinct manner. A second AI style transfer was used to add textural elements from the artist’s artwork. Paulus used his own code to adjust the final image colors, details and create an NFT after going through more pre-trained models. “In the spirit of our artists ‘man-meets-machine-muse,’ I worked beyond fully automated style transfer and included manual process throughout so the artist’s hand still dictated the final output,” said Paulus. These additional steps, while laborious, created artistic refinement that allowed the AI to achieve the desired results.

Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle and Founder, stated that Web 3.0’s centralization will allow the next generation to express their creativity to new heights. Nodle acknowledges those who pledged their DOTs to our crowdloan with unique NTs. This is a way to thank the community for supporting us. It also shows that we are making a choice to decentralize.

About Nodle

Nodle, a decentralized IoT network on Polkadot, provides secure, low-cost connectivity and data liquidity to connect billions of IoT device worldwide. Nodle is powered by millions Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, which earn Nodle cash (NODL). Nodle’s IoT stack is powerful and can be used for multiple purposes, including tracking valuable or lost items, authenticating security certificates, connecting to physical assets and secure them. Nodle offers insights to consumers, businesses, smart cities and the financial industry. Nodle, which was founded in 2017, has grown to be one of the largest wireless networks worldwide by increasing its base stations. Download the Nodle Cash App for iOS and Android to join #TheCitizenNetwork


About Nodle’s Parachain Auction

Anyone who contributes to Nodle’s parachain crowdloan through locking their Polkadot tokens, (DOT), will receive NODL rewards from an allocated pool of 850m NODL — that’s 23% or 10% of Nodle Mainnet. To receive all of the details and participate, visit Nodle’s Parachain webpage here:

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