ozzy osbourne announces CryptoBatz NFT collection

Ozzy Osbourne announced the launch his “CryptoBatz” NFT collection. He tweeted on Tuesday that he had created 9,666 NFTs with a unique feature that allows collectors to mutate with another NFT out of their wallet.

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne announced that his NFT collection would be launched in a typical rock and roll fashion with an expletive-laden tweet. He stated that the NFT project was “designed” by …”.. The collection was a collaboration between Ozzy Osborne, NFT studio Sutter Systems, and is Ozzy Osborne’s first foray into NFTs. Rolling Stone reported the launch and quoted Osbourne on his new NFT collection.

“I have been trying to get into the NFT action for some time so Sharon said no to me when I asked for a Bored Ape to celebrate Christmas. After several unsuccessful attempts to buy one, I decided to make my own. CryptoBatz is an f *****g project for NFT fans and collectors. This design is a tribute to one my most memorable on-stage moments. It also offers a chance for you to own a piece of art history. It’s a beautiful thing!

Ozzy Osbourne’s stage moment, which he refers to in the title of his NFT Project is the 1983 Des Moines concert when the rocker bit the head off a bat and created rock history.

Osbourne’s CryptoBatz Collection is unique because it allows collectors to activate “MutantBatz” which can ‘bite and mutate with another NFT. This includes Bored Ape Yacht Clubs, SupDucks, Cryptotoadz.

Ozzy teased an AncientBatz treasure hunt, which will give CryptoBatz holders the opportunity to hunt for treasure. The hunter will be rewarded with the ability to breed 100 MutantBatz.

CryptoBatz’s launch will be announced mid-January, but CryptoBatz Discord members will be able get on the whitelist for the pre-sale and get ahead of their game.

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