Paradise Trippies Have Arrived! Paradise Trippies Launches 10,000 Unique NFTs Inspired by Party Pete (BAYC #9696)

Dubai, November 25, 2021 – Paradise Trippies, drawing inspiration from Party Pete (BAYC #9696), has launched 10,000 NFTs by Paradise Trippies, created by Rui Duarte & Joe Ruiz, two of the most respected artists in the industry.

Andy Booth (@360) and James Booth (@domain) are the brothers behind the collection. They hold BAYC9696, a unique trippy ape that was collected by the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The duo is well-known for their activities within the community and trades. James is a well-respected BAYC collector and recently sold a golden Bored Ape.

Rui Duarte was a professional illustrator. He started his career in caricature and went on to become a storyboard artist and comic artist. Rui Duarte is most well-known for his Bulls on the Block art. Rui has taken the Trippies one step further and created a collection of seven villains from the Island as well as a few rare, special pieces.

Joe Ruiz is a Georgia-based artist and illustrator. He has been able to perfect his skills since the early 1990s when he was in art school. Joe is a San Francisco Art Institute student and has three decades of experience creating illustrations for books, games, as well as print work. Joe’s attention is unsurpassed, as shown by his detailed sketches on

Paradise Trippies, an Ethereum-based project, will be minted using ERC-721 tokens. Follow the Paradise Trippies twitter account to gain access to the whitelist and participate in daily competitions. Each Paradise Trippy NFT collection is unique, which makes it even more exciting to own one. There are 14 core creatures included in the collection, and six additional specials. The collection includes half of the positive side of travel, and half of the negative. The island is alive with people and all the characters have their roles.

Paradise Trippies is unique. Paradise Trippies is unique because they use a high-value domain that has never been used on an NFT project before (showing that the team means Business). Andy and James Booth have made a name for theirself in the domain business and are committed to the Paradise Project. They also plan to expand the business after the launch. The duo are currently in discussions with established companies about collabs and feel that they are very early on the market.

The project also has a charitable aspect. The NFT Collection will include four pieces that each contain a donation of 5ETH. Paradise Trippies, the owners of these NFTs, will be able to nominate the charity they wish to donate.

Paradise Trippies will be available for sale on the official website starting November 30th 2021. Owners must have a MetaMask wallet connected to an OpenSea Account in order to participate in the sale.

Paradise Trippies

Paradise Trippies contains 10,000 NFTs that were inspired by Party Pete (BAYC #9696). Joe Ruiz and Rui Duarte created the NFTs. The public sale will be held on November 30, 2021. Paradise Trippies, an Ethereum-based project, is minted using ERC-721 tokens. Paradise Trippie NFTs allow investors to interact with specific sections of Paradise Island. The NFT Collection contains four pieces that each contain 5ETH. Once these pieces have been purchased, the ETH will go to the charity of their choice.

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