Peaq to bring ground-breaking machine NFTs to Web3

Peaq will bring NFTs from a new machine to Web3

peaq will play a significant role in the Web3 revolution, launching ground-breaking NFTs machines – something that no other blockchain company has done.

People can purchase NFTs from Berlin via the peaq network. These NFTs are ownership rights to a variety of assets, including cars, robots, and other items.

Peaq’s entire project revolves around ownership. According to them, Web3 is all about verifiable owner of digital assets on-line and physical assets via the internet.

Peaq’s innovative solution will allow users to manage, own and profit from their machines during the Web3 era.

The company stated this week in a press release that it made it possible for people “to own Machine NFTs” and that it aimed to align everyone’s incentives toward efficient, safe value-creation.

“Collectively having skin is a reason why peaq’s first offering will be NFTs. These represent ownership rights over a machine pool – which is basically like owning a piece in the machine economy. This then allows ownership of other machines and individual machines as needed.”

They continued to assert that machines are not pawns in the Web3 machine economic; rather, they are “protagonists”.

“A machine-centric economic system allows machines to sustain, maintain, and improve themselves.” Peaq stressed that machines can stake their fortunes in other machines through Machine NFTs and become stakeholders.

Peaq believes Web3 should “open, open, decentralized and interoperable”. Peaq will work towards this goal by becoming the Polkadot’s “Economy of Things (machine economic) branch.”

“This will enable peaq to leverage vast innovations in this area for the machine economy especially in the field DeFifor machines,” peaq said. It will also launch its first public network using Substrate, a platform that allows developers to create future-proof blockchains.

What is the meaning of peaq?

Peaq can be divided into two parts: peaq network is the token arm and decentralized network; and peaq enterprise is the enterprise branch.

Peaq Enterprise has worked closely over the past three years with leading manufacturers of vehicle and devices to develop decentralized apps (dApps) and other innovative solutions.

Peaq enterprise has been working with many Fortune 100 companies, such as NTT (Japan technology services provider), to add more machines to its network.

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