Pepsi’s First-Ever NFT Collection A Hat Tip To the Brand’s Legacy In Music

Pepsi made a big announcement to signal its entry into the constantly-evolving world of NFTs. Pepsi’s unique generative style NFT collection celebrates its roots in music.

Details of the Collection

Pepsi’s announcement about its entry into the NFT space generated a lot of buzz. The brand dropped its Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT collection. This collection is a tribute to Pepsi’s music roots and its rich legacy. The brand will create 1893 unique generative-style NFTs. They will be available on Ethereum Blockchain on December 10, 12 EST.

Users will have to pay the gas fees, but the collection will be free to them. The significance of 1893 NFTs comes from the fact that it refers to the year Pepsi was founded.

A tribute to Pepsi and its legacy

The algorithm generates each unique Pepsi Micdrop genesis NFT collection randomly. This collection is a celebration of Pepsi’s rich history in music, as well as the brand’s wide range of flavors that have captured consumers’ attention since its inception.

Visually, the Mic Drop collection will include a variety of microphones that are inspired by famous flavors such as blue Pepsi and red Pepsi wild cherries, silver Diet Pepsi or black Pepsi zero-sugar, Crystal Pepsi and many others.

Todd Kaplan, Vice President Marketing at Pepsi, commented on the collection and its history.

“Pepsi is a brand that has a strong history in music and pop culture. It’s fitting to carry that heritage into the new world NFTs with an epic’mic drop. The Pepsi Mic drop genesis NFT collection was created for our fans. We put their needs and interests first by making sure that the NFTs are free and available to everyone. This collection of microphones is inspired by our past and reflects the potential for this space to be more accessible in the future.

Ensure a Smooth and Equitable Experience

Pepsi also announced it would implement a wait-listing system, which will ensure an equitable experience for all consumers who wish to take part in the sale. This will ensure that there are no gas fees or other barriers to participation. How does the process work once you’re on the wait-list. Continue reading.

  • The 1843 Pepsi Micro Drop NFTs will be available to those who have been accepted to the wait-list. They will be available for minting on Tuesday 14 December at 12:30 EST. They will be available at no cost to users, and they only require that they pay the associated gas fees.
  • After the user verification has been completed, the token will soon be minted. It will then be sent to the user’s wallet.
  • Users who have custody of their NFTs may list them on any third party platform like OpenSea at any time provided they comply with the platform’s terms of service.

Pepsi also made sure that, in accordance with emerging market practices for launch of NFT collection, it implemented a Carbon offset program. This will result in a zero net carbon footprint.

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