Phantom Galaxies Airdrop for Alpha Players

After wrapping up their first rounds of alpha tests with several playable episodes, Phantom Galaxies is ready to airdrop rewards to those who completed the missions and minted their collectible Poster NFTs.

The Phantom Galaxies alpha is still open to players. So if you havne’t completed your Phantom Galaxies Poster collection, there is still a chance to get in on this upcoming airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on 15th February at 12 AM UTC, but the ability to mint Posters will close sometime before that, so don’t wait too long!

By completing all four alpha Episodes, players can mint these posters and complete their sets. Owners of full collections will receive Mintpasses during the airdrop, allowing them to mint special Starfighters and Avatars. The requirements and rewards are:

  • A full set of Unredeemed Poster NFTs entitles the holder to a Pristine Fleet Mintpass, for minting an in-game Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter.
  • A full set of Redeemed Poster NFTs entitles the holder to a Veteran Fleet Mintpass, for minting an in-game Veteran Fleet Generative Starfighter.
  • A full set of Episode Medal NFTs entitles the holder to a Zveta Gene Sample mintpass, for minting an in-game Zveta Gene Generative Avatar.
  • A ‘The Hopeful’ NFT entitles the holder to an Elpis Gene Sample mintpass, for minting an in-game Elpis Gene Generative Avatar.
generative Starfighters in Phantom Galaxies

Origin Collection Perks

These Origin Collection Avatar and Starfighter Generative NFTs will provide players with exclusive attribute boosts and in-game cosmetics.

The Elpis and Zveta Gene Generative Avatars provide holders with the following benefits:

  • a chance to generate an ultra-rare Avatar, which clones bonus Avatars with every mint
  • 25% discount for minting common Avatars
  • a unique Avatar accessory (specific to Collection)
  • a unique Avatar emote (specific to Collection)
  • a unique Avatar clothing theme (specific to Collection)
  • access to own a First Class Player Quarters

Meanwhile, Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter and Veteran Fleet Generative Starfighter both provide the following bonuses:

  • a chance to generate ultra-rare Gen.0 Starfighter, with life-long free Insurance
  • 25% Insurance discount for common Gen.1 Starfighters,
  • 5% bonus to Fusion Focus
  • unique Starfighter starting weapon (specific to Collection)
  • uniquely themed Starfighter Ultimate move (specific to Collection)
  • unique Starfighter theming (specific to Collection)
  • access to own a First Class Player Hangar
generative Avatars in Phantom Galaxies

For those who don’t have complete collections, there will be an upcoming chance to purchase Avatar and Starfighter mintpasses. However, these mintpasses are considered ‘Second Class’ and offer less luxurious apartments and hangers.

Holders of these new NFTs should receive early access to a future beta release. And, these NFTs will also be usable in-game at some point!

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is story-based, FPS set in a future of space travel and planet colonization. Players follow the story quests, fight pirates, and upgrade their character and starships along the way. Phantom Galaxies recently completed a series of alpha playtest episodes, offering special rewards in the form of NFTs and Astrafite, the game currency.

Each Episode features a story driven quest line. Completing the quest gives the player a chance to mint a Medal NFT. These NFTs are special rewards showing that you finished these alpha Episodes, which in turn allow owners to mint Poster NFTs. Playing in the Phantom Galaxies alpha requires owning a Phantom Galaxies NFT. But there are several options available for less than $5 on Open Sea. Each Episode must be completed sequentially.

Phantom Galaxies runs on a downloadable client and features walkable stations, numerous quests, high-quality graphics, and both space and land based combat!

Phantom Galaxies roadmap
Phantom Galaxies roadmap

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